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01-What Is Candida?
02-What Candida Overgrowth Can Lead To
03-Signs Of Candida
04-What Causes Candida Overgrowth?
05-Symptoms Check List
06-Who Can Be Affected By Candida Overgrowth?
07-How Does Candida Grow Out Of Control?
08-What To Avoid When You Are Getting Rid Of Candida
09-Conflicting Reports
10-What You Can Do About Candida Overgrowth
11-What Is Die Off?
12-When Candida Is Cleared Out

01 - What Is Candida Albicans?

When we think of yeast, we usually think about an ingredient found in baked foods or in something we drink. There is nutritional brewer's yeast which has beneficial qualities because of its various nutrients which can be used in numerous ways. We have common baker's yeast for breads, pastries and other baked goods. We also find yeast in various alcoholic beverages. One might find it difficult to think that yeast could be harmful to anyone.

Candida can be found throughout our environment. It lives on the surface of living things. Doctors and scientists are finally realizing all yeasts are not the same. In fact, there are some forms of yeast that can make your life more miserable than you want to imagine.

It is important that we understand how some of the lively little critters take up residence inside our body.


Shortly after you are born, billions of bacteria and micro-organisms begin to settle in and make themselves at home. It is not long before they begin making colonies within you. In a normal condition, they would stay in the gastro-intestinal area of your body.

For every cell in your body there are about ten micro-organisms in your gut area. Many people refer to this as your "gut flora". In a healthy person there is an excellent balance of neighborly bacteria enjoying their home inside you.
You need this balance to help take care of certain bodily functions. Within this neighborhood of bacteria, there are some residents that can become harmful if they find a way to increase in number and spread to other areas of your body. Troublemakers are always looking for ways to ruin something or someone - harmful bacteria are not an exception to the rule.


A condition called "symbiosis" is what everyone would enjoy. It is a condition where everyone or everything in a specific area function well together and work hard to be a benefit to all that are involved - one having due respect for the others. The "SAD", in other words, the "Standard American Diet" and the typical American lifestyle seriously compromise the symbiosis and balance within the human body.

Friendly bacteria promote effective digestion and assimilation of the food and nutrients we ingest. When good bacteria are strong in number they will keep potentially harmful bacteria in check. Friendly bacteria live on the walls of your gut lining. They tend to keep their territory slightly alkaline.
By this, the harmful bacteria can not multiply as easily. Good bacteria produce an anti-biotic type substance that also keeps those potential harmful critters in their rightful place.


Candida is a yeast that is present in all of us. Normally it is kept under control by your good bacteria. All this goes on in your intestinal tract area.

Oh Oh!

You know how financial problems occur when your wages and cost of living expenses are overtaxed? Serious medical problems can also occur when your immune system is overtaxed.
When this takes place, your friendly bacteria begin to drop in number and you begin to develop medical discomfort and various complications. When this happens, Candida parasites take advantage of the opportunity and begin to multiply and spread.

Once they multiply and spread, their destructive course of action begins. Somehow through the spreading and colonizing of these parasites, they begin to manipulate and control how your body functions, how you think, your attitude and various other severities that are not pleasant to deal with - this is still under investigation.

Candida is a yeast, fungus, parasite. They reveal themselves in many ways. When left unchecked they begin to multiply. They can become one of the most destructive forces in your body. They will make assault after assault against your health.
Candida parasites have no respect for anyone. They do not care if you consider yourself healthy or not. When left unchecked, they will prey on any organ and system in your body. When they get out of control they relentlessly keep attacking anything in their path as they multiply in number and spread.

There are at least 25 variations of this yeast fungus. Once they get beyond the intestinal tract, Candida will attack the more vulnerable areas within your body - the path of least resistance. They literally feed on the nutrients that are inside you. When they do, there will be fewer nutrients available for keeping your own health well maintained. This is why it is imperative to keep your immune system working at full potency at all times.


Candida is just waiting to gain the slightest edge to multiply and colonize. Candida wants to encase as many areas and organs in your body as possible. No joke. A strong immune system will keep all potentially harmful parasites that inhabit your body where they belong and under control; it will also protect you from sickness and disease.


When Candida does multiply, it will move out and overtake new territories inside your body. Women are heavily plagued with vaginal yeast infections. The vaginal infection will not clear up until it is minimized in the intestinal area. Candida can be transmitted through certain sexual activities.

Candida tends to attack your more vulnerable organs and systems. It also has an attraction toward your urogenital tract, the lungs, heart, bladder and kidneys. The parasites also have an interest in your liver, colon and pancreas.
Your adrenal and thyroid glands are also susceptible to a beating. Your mucus membrane/lining and skin can also come under severe attack. Your entire nervous system and brain can become affected. Your emotional balance and stamina will also suffer injury from the assaults of Candida overgrowth.

The main focus of the Candida parasites is to find a way out of the intestinal area and enter into your blood stream. Once they secure their way into your bloodstream they can easily move anywhere. They leave a trail of toxic waste along their path. They can affix themselves on to any part of your body and begin to colonize.

There was a lady that died because her heart failed. When an autopsy was done, they found her heart was encased with Candida. Believe me, Candida is not something you want to look upon lightly. If you have Candida in its overgrowth stage you need to get it under control ASAP.


Many people have multiple medical complications and can not figure out what is triggering them all. A person does not know if they are all isolated cases or if there is an interwoven connection. Often there is no rhyme or reason to any of it.

If you have been, or are taking several prescription drug medications, these can certainly cause such an effect. One serious alternative you surely want to try is a simple self-test for Candida overgrowth. This is found in another chapter.

When Candida is out of control, the parasites literally eat the nutrients you are taking in from the foods, drinks and supplements you are ingesting. When your body is lacking proper nutrition you will begin to experience all kinds of medical complications. The organs and systems in your body can not properly function if they do not have the proper building and mending materials to take care of themselves.

Along with that, the toxic buildup caused by Candida will interfere with many bodily functions. Besides that, when Candida starts butting into areas it does not belong, the specific functions of the affected organs and systems will not be able to function normally. Many people that have severe cases of Candida think they are going crazy because of the multiple conditions that arise with this insidious medical complication.

Candida overgrowth can become so massive and invasive in its fungal form, that it can penetrate the mucous lining of the intestinal wall. When it does, it compromises the protective barrier between the intestinal tract and eventually, the rest of your body. When this barrier is broken down, foreign particles and toxic substances can begin to travel throughout your body and can begin to cause serious systemic complications.

What actually take place are undigested proteins and other food wastes enter the bloodstream which causes your immune system to weaken more than it already is. In turn, allergic reactions, fatigue and a long list of other very uncomfortable and menacing medical complications can arise.
Many people find themselves suffering from complications as far reaching as joint pain, chest pain, serious sinus complications, depression, asthma, chronic fatigue, diabetes, autism, brain fog and various skin problems.

Candida overgrowth takes advantage of your every disadvantage. It will poison the tissues of your body with its numerous toxins. This will cause havoc in your body. The more Candida spreads, the more misery the parasites will inflict throughout your entire body.

Many holistic physicians look at Candida as one of the biggest health challenges to the people living in the industrialized nations. Why? Candida feeds especially on refined food products, sugars and carbohydrates, which make up the typical diet especially in America.


Candida is a horrible symptom in and of itself. It is a huge flag telling you that your immune system has been seriously compromised. When Candida reaches its overgrowth stage, this will also be an indicator to let you know your digestive and hormonal systems are not functioning properly and are out of balance. The yeast can also appear as a fungus. It is around this time when the "Leaky Gut Syndrome" can take effect.


Candida is known as the "Cunning Imitator". Why? Candida mimics symptoms of numerous bodily ailments (Check Symptoms). You can go in to see a doctor who will diagnose you with one medical condition based on your particular symptoms. Most typical doctors strangely fail to recognize Candida as a serious health threat. This is why many people are being treated for one thing, when they may actually have Candida overgrowth as the real culprit.

Candida Albicans can definitely become an extremely dangerous infestation. Starting in the digestive tract, it can quietly and aggressively spread throughout your entire body system. These insidious and invasive parasites can attach themselves to the wall or membrane of any surface inside your body and make themselves at home.

The more Candida spreads, the harder it will be for your body to fight off every other form of illness and disease. Experts say Candida is injuring over 30 million men, women and children every day. Estimates reveal that nearly everyone in the industrialized nations will suffer from some degree of Candida overgrowth in their lifetime.

A Candida yeast cell can release over 75 known toxic substances that can poison your human body. These toxins contaminate the tissues in your body. They weaken and degenerate your immune system. They do not care about you in any way, shape or form.

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02 - What Candida Overgrowth Can Lead To

When it comes to Candida overgrowth, it seems that if anything can go wrong in your body, it will. Multiple complications are just a matter of time if Candida keeps spreading and colonizing.

Strangely, Candida is still an obscure medical complication. Most typical doctors ignore it and foolishly list it as non-invasive. It is downplayed as a minor infection said to cause slight agitation in the mucous membranes, skin and nails.

On the contrary, Candida can turn into a chronic, insidious and systemic invasion affecting your entire body. Because of this, accurate estimates of infliction and premature death rates can not be properly estimated. Based on the typical American diet and lifestyle, it is not difficult to see that Candida can be taking a severe and devastating toll on at least one out of five people living in what is referred to as the modernized world.

It is truly appalling how a single type of organism can be the cause for so much needless suffering, turmoil and misery.


Symptoms of Candida can stem from the fungus infestation itself. What can appear to be an entirely different set of unrelated symptoms can be inflicted by the toxins produced by the Candida parasites. A person may think they have Diabetes, Allergies, Asthma, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a list of others when the real culprit may be Candida.

An entirely different set of symptoms can occur from a condition known as the "Leaky Gut Syndrome". This is where hair-like roots tunnel their way through the small intestinal wall, working their way into the blood stream itself.

What happens when Candida reaches this level? Partially digested food particles can enter into the blood stream. After a certain point your liver will no longer be able to filter out these food particles and toxins from re-circulating throughout your body by means of your blood.

The liver is an amazing organ. In today's environment it is working extreme and intense overtime. We are daily bombarded with countless toxins in every area of our environment: Our air, water, food, drink, prescription drugs, furniture, building materials, in home and office. Our liver can only handle so much. When Candida overload enters the picture, you are headed for disaster.

When food particles travel in your blood, they become like foreign invaders in your body. Your immune system will respond to this attack in various ways that will not be pleasant for you to experience. At this time, your body can begin to experience reoccurring complications simply based on the foods you eat, things you drink and even supplements you take.

Substances you commonly ingest can become enemies inside your body and can produce allergies, sensitivities and asthmatic like conditions. At the same time, other multiple symptoms can start occurring. It is a horrible condition when you can not even eat natural whole foods because your body begins to recognize much of them as foreign invaders.


There has been in depth research stating that Candida overgrowth can cause a condition known as hypothyroidism. This is where the thyroid is not able to work at its normal pace and may even malfunction. Common doctors dismiss such a thing from happening. The consistency of Candida overgrowth and low thyroid function occurring simultaneously is something that can not be overlooked.

The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate body metabolism. When the thyroid is not functioning according to its design, many complications can occur from this breakdown alone. Are you beginning to see how Candida overgrowth can, in a round about way, cause medical conditions that can become hard to track down?

A malfunctioning thyroid and a compromised immune system can make you more sensitive to any common allergens. This combination can also produce numerous other harmful side effects including weight control.

With Candida overgrowth, food substances will not be able to assimilate properly. Digestion itself can begin to suffer various complications and ailments. People with AIDS, cancer and many senior citizens can become more vulnerable because they already have problems assimilating nutrients from the foods, drinks and supplements they consume. Candida overgrowth in itself can steal over half the nutrients you get from what you ingest.

If this is drawing a picture you do not like to look at, no apologies can be offered. It is better to know, and be able to do something about it, than to not know, and wonder if you are going crazy.

A simple self test can reveal if the Candida parasites are inflicting you.

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The statements made herein are for informational purposes only. Your use or belief in these statements are your personal business. You are an intelligent individual, and can make your own wise decisions. The writer and/or assigns are not responsible in any way, shape or form for the results gained by the use and/or practices of such statements.

But know this: "Your Gain is Your Victory".

These disclaimers are made because of the time taken to learn about the legalities of giving information that refers to health and life. Thank you for your kind understanding in these matters.

And just remember, you are responsible for your victories when you step out and go for what you know is true and just and right.

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The severity of the symptoms of Candida can fluctuate according to your personal stress and hormone levels. Your symptoms and the severity of them can vary and change every single day. Pains and discomfort can move from one place in your body to another.
This has caused individuals with severe conditions to think they were losing their sanity. Sadly, common doctors are not much help, but experienced naturopaths and holistic doctors will know this is a Candida overgrowth condition that may have already produced the "Leaky Gut Syndrome".


There are various ways to test for Candida.

1. The easiest and most inexpensive way to test for Candida is the following: Get a clear glass that is almost filled with common lukewarm tap water.

The 'first thing' you want to do when you wake up is spit in the water. You do not have to do anything extra in producing the spit; just use what is in your mouth. If you want, you can have the glass of water on your night stand.
    You will want to see what happens with the spit over the next hour. Just so you know, normally your spit is clear.

  1. Be aware if your spit develops stringy matter that goes from the spit on the surface of the water, through to the bottom of the glass.
  2. Be aware if your spit becomes cloudy instead of clear.
  3. Be aware if there are suspended air bubbles. Pay attention to see if the bubbles turn from clear to cloudy.
  4. Be aware if whitish sediment forms in the bottom of the glass.
  5. If one of these conditions develops from your spit, you have a Candida overgrowth situation. The more conditions that occur, the more severe case of Candida you have. If all these conditions take place, you need to get serious with your Candida overgrowth.

You can daily take this test as long as it is the first thing you do. As your Candida goes through the "die off" process, the spit will change in different ways:


  • The cloudy spit will become more lumped together than stringy.
  • Air bubbles will form on the glass itself instead of being suspended in the water.
  • The air bubbles will stay clear instead of becoming cloudy.
  • The more the candida is eliminated, the more your spit will change.
  • The goal is to get your spit and air bubbles clear with no sediment buildup in the bottom of the glass.
  • More on this later.

2. Fungus may develop underneath your toe and fingernails. Your nails could even become thick and discolored. If they become thick, it will hurt when you try to trim them down - they may even bleed. Why? Another living matter has taken up residency in your nail that can bleed.

3. Your feet may develop a whitish tone or a whitish covering on them, especially the bottoms of your feet.

3. A strange velvety type film may form on your tongue and/or in your mouth. It can become very gross looking. If you eat or drink something with strong pigmentation in it, the pigment coloring will saturate the velvety matter on your tongue and it will take on that color. Brushing your tongue a couple times a day will remove some of the Candida buildup and the pigment coloring. Some people use a piece of dental floss to scrape it off.

4. Your thought patterns can become scrambled and confused and your mind can go blank while in the middle of a sentence or thought. This is a form of brain fog.

You can be getting ready to do something you could normally do with your eyes closed. But when you want to start the process, you will look at it as if it is something new and different. Another way to say this is: You may be getting ready to do something. Though you have done it numerous times, you have difficulty starting the process or procedure.

If you don't understand either statement, you will certainly recognize it when you are faced with it. Regardless how it is affecting you, it is terribly frustrating and irritating.

5. You will want to go through the symptom check list and see how many complications are taking place inside you.

Alternative tests are as follows:

6. A person who is well experienced in iridology can pinpoint Candida.

7. Someone sensitive in kinesiology (muscle testing) can identify it.

8. An experienced acupressurist will be able to pinpoint it.

9. A person skilled with the use of acupuncture pulses can locate the condition.

10. Vega testing can also be an accurate indicator for numerous ailments.

Certain types of testing can even determine how severe the Candida problem is. You can check your individual progress by the methods mentioned. When you feel the problem is cleared, you could even be tested by science based techniques to assure verification.

The best test of all is when your overall health improves and you start feeling better.



Just because you are feeling better does not mean the Candida is under control. Be careful what you eat and drink for the next few months. You don't want to get slammed with this condition again. Make sure it is cleared from your body and held in check.

11. Another self test can be conducted by simply starting a Candida diet. If you feel better after a day or two while on the diet, this can be a good indicator that you have a severe Candida overgrowth condition.

Be aware of "die off". (Check the chapter on "Die off") Die off can be a lot more difficult to deal with than the Candida overgrowth itself. Many or all of your symptoms can become more severe during the "die off" process. In general, it is a very difficult and trying time.

When in doubt, just do the spit test. It is quick, accurate, easy and costs you nothing.

Candida can easily trick a doctor or patient. Candida overgrowth can give the appearance to lead you to believe you have chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, depression, fibromyalgia, and/or rheumatoid arthritis. It is not uncommon for experienced professionals to make mistakes in properly diagnosing Candida, though very few if any will admit it. The pride factor often interferes with proper judgment and ethical conduct.

12. Check yourself for Food Intolerances and sensitivities.


The following is a reality check that is embarrassing to admit. Regardless, it is necessary to accept this reality. If the following statements seem too severe, think more independently as you look around and see what is actually going on in the world. Any independent thinker will have no choice but to accept what is being said - sad but true.

The pharmaceutical and traditional medical community is not into healing - it is into prescribing drugs. Most if not all of these drugs have a toxic effect in your body. Pharmaceutical drugs have become one of the most effective money makers around. When you are in a business that produces repeat customers, you found a gold mine. That is what the drug industry has done in connection with the medical industry.

Drug companies make products that only address symptoms and do not cure you. If you like the effect of having your symptoms masked over, or if the drugs are giving you a more tolerable effect than not taking anything, they know you will be back every week or month for another prescription. They know you will religiously take their drugs. The medical professionals are taught to recognize symptoms and prescribe drugs. They do it or risk having their license revoked.

It is horrible, but that is what many businesses have degenerated down to. What makes it so disgusting is countless souls suffer for the sake of certain industry's uncontrollable hunger for the all mighty dollar and also to gain industry control and dominance.

In cases of emergency and broken bones, I am extremely thankful for the medical experts we have. When it comes to treating illness and disease I see limited hope from the industry up to this point. We can only hope it changes. Public access to information provided on the internet has been a great blessing. The internet certainly has its drawbacks, but without a doubt it also has tremendous attributes.

The following statement is certainly a sad scenario: Faulty and/or damaging practices and procedures in certain industries do not change or are not corrected until the general public becomes aware of the misleading and/or harmful practices conducted by that industry.
The truths are withheld until someone blows the whistle on them or too much injury and/or death is inflicted. The faulty and damaging practices are normally known by the producers of it, but they enjoy the money more than being concerned about the ill side effects or tragic end results.

What forces the change within companies and industries? If they do not change, in time they will lose all credibility with the public. In turn, eventually they are forced out of business. They often claim ignorance. We usually and strangely let them get away with it.


It is only because natural alternatives are surfacing and producing results and cures that the pharmaceutical and medical industries are being forced to do more against sickness and disease. If they don't, they know they will keep losing customers.
That is what you are - a 'customer'. Certainly a 'patient' sounds more appealing and sympathetic, but it has become a misleading and inaccurate term. You are a customer who is sold by effective advertising campaigns. You have become a pawn to an industry that has gained too much control and has abused its position, power and credibility.

It is a crying shame it takes this much before an industry changes. There has been so much needless suffering, agony and premature death because of the harmful effects of prescription drugs and an industry that has become bent on greed for money, control and dominance. It is sad that an industry can create social and bodily problems and medical complications, and in turn assure its success and long lasting stability.

It has become common for individuals to walk into a hospital and told to leave because they can not afford to pay for necessary treatment. It does not matter what is wrong with you or how life threatening your situation may be. If it is not a life or death situation - an absolute emergency, you will be told to leave. That is how customers are treated, not patients.

No doubt a great percentage of doctors, nurses and care providers do all they can for their customers. Most of them still treat their customers like patients. The sad part of it is they are controlled and manipulated by an out-of-control industry.
They are forced to follow specific procedures or lose their job. I am extremely thankful for the dedication and loyalty of these individuals toward their patients. It is certainly disheartening that the general industry has gone strayed so far away from its original intent.

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    Some of the major factors involved in Candida overgrowth and infestation are as follows:

  • Using antibiotics for any reason can cause Candida to flourish.
  • Being on antibiotics for more than four weeks can be especially dangerous.
  • Using antibiotics for short time periods more than three times a year can produce ill effects.
  • Taking immune-suppressant drugs can certainly produce an environment that is conducive for candida overgrowth.
  • Steroid treatments like cortisone, predisone, etc., will result in medical complications. Steroid-type drugs break down the effectiveness of the immune system which in turn reduces its ability to fight Candida overgrowth and also creates an environment conducive for many other medical complications to arise.
  • Being on birth control pills for a few months can cause adverse effects.
  • Multiple pregnancies can encourage a Candida overgrowth condition.
  • Birth control pills and frequent pregnancies can cause hormone imbalance. when this occurs, candida can then begin to spread throughout your entire body. when candida is left unchecked, these parasites can travel to other parts of your body and cause many other problems and complications.
  • If your body is low on Acidophilus, Candida can grow out of control.
  • Increased usages of antibiotics, steroids or birth control pills can cause Candidiasis which is a chronic, systemic infection and can cause tissue damage throughout your entire body.

The impact of countless environmental poisons which are typical in our current environment that enter into our body can produce ill effects and encourage Candida overgrowth.
    Other factors include:

  • Stress overload.
  • Consistent anxiety.
  • Continued depression.
  • Loss of loved ones.
  • An imbalance or lack of proper or real nutrients.
  • The typical American diet.
  • Over consumption of junk food and drinks.
  • Food additives.
  • Chlorinated water.
  • Refined sugar which is often abundant in food and drink products.
  • And more
Because each item listed above causes the intestinal bacteria to get out of balance, a more aggressive environment is laid for the Candida parasites to multiply and spread. The more you have working against you, the faster Candida can multiply and inhabit various areas, organs and systems within your body.
  1. The biggest factor in the proliferation of Candida is the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics, especially the broad spectrum kinds are no respecter of bacteria - they destroy the good bacteria and the bad. Since Candida is a more active form of bacteria, it can grow and multiply quickly. When this happens, the good bacteria do not stand a chance in keeping the Candida in check.
  2. When you add stress or other emotional straining factors into the equation, you are setting yourself up for serious medical complications. There are certainly other factors involved in upsetting the bacterial balance in your body, but the use and overuse of antibiotics tops the list.
  3. Drugs like corticosteroidal medications can depress the immune system. This medication is common for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and eczema. These are also symptoms of Candida overgrowth.
  4. Pharmaceutical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and the birth control pill can manipulate the sex hormones in women. Because of these changes, a slightly higher percentage of women suffer from Candida. Often, HRT and the Pill are prescribed because of the misdiagnosis of medical problems. In many cases the real culprit can be Candida overgrowth.
  5. NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and painkillers can cause the lining of the gut to become inflamed. This interferes with the production of prostaglandin. Prostaglandin protects the mucous lining of our gut from digestive acids and enzymes. The inflammation is not a healthy condition and encourages the Candida to multiply.
  6. Any kind of stress or trauma can cause dramatic physical changes in the gut and also cause ill effects in other areas of your body. Loss of a job, financial difficulties, marital problems and more can seriously take their toll on you and others that are involved. These conditions can produce a more acid state. By this, harmful bacteria can overtake the helpful bacteria. When immunoglobulins (especially SIg A) are compromised, your immune system's effectiveness begins to deteriorate.
  7. Chronic stress produces chronic gut problems.
  8. Poor diet is another culprit.
  9. Depressants and stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine severely weaken the liver, adrenal glands and pancreas. By this, the body releases stored sugars into the blood stream which is the most favored food of Candida.
  10. Diabetes is a condition that will allow more sugar in the blood and urine which Candida will feed on. Candida can be misdiagnosed for Diabetes.
  11. Pregnancy can sometimes trigger a more favorable condition for Candida because of the hormonal changes (higher progesterone) that take place. If you are considering pregnancy it would be wise to eliminate foods and drinks that have no or little nutritional value. Taking well balanced supplements would also be a great idea which would include a probiotic supplement.
Be careful what you take when you are pregnant and nursing your child. Always read and understand the labels and especially the warning labels. If you do not understand something, ask a professional who does.
    * There are many ways to ruin the good bacteria in your intestinal tract.

  1. Eating disorders.
  2. Intentional vomiting or just too much vomiting.
  3. Overuse of laxatives.
  4. Bingeing.
  5. Starvation.
If a person is attempting to keep weight down by any of these measures, Candida can begin to colonize and cause more cravings for food and also may increase body weight. On the other hand, many people lose weight when battling Candida or during the "die off" process. Since every human body is different, people will have different medical complications, but overall will still have many of the same.

* If a mother does not breast feed her baby, good bacteria, essential fatty acids, needed enzymes and other necessary nutrients will be lacking in the baby. Milk formulas do not supply what a baby needs to properly form in that first year of life. When the immune system is compromised in the early stages of whole body development, it is a lot easier for infections to move in and complicate the rest of that person's life.

Antibiotics are commonly used to combat infections in infants. By this, Candida can begin to control the digestive tract and spread throughout the entire body at this early age.
When this happens, the baby may have to deal with serious medical complications throughout their entire life. A stricter diet and lifestyle can counteract much of it, and health conscious consistency is the key to better overall health.

* Good bacteria and the lining of the intestinal tract tend to deteriorate more in mid life and beyond. This is because of the SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle. This makes a person more susceptible to numerous medical complications throughout their life.
One of the most effective ways to avoid such complications is by a very health conscious diet and lifestyle. If people make fun of your health practices, do not worry about it - you may have to help them later in life because they did not have the same concern or interest.

* Immunizations and vaccinations are known to prompt or inflame symptoms of chronic fatigue and Candida. This becomes possible when the immune system is already under pressure with stress. It can also become intensified in babies and children because of the underdeveloped condition of the body.

* A too high of an acid PH condition. The higher the acid level, the more Candida can flourish in the body. This occurs when a poor diet is kept and when there is a toxic build up in your body. It is a good idea to eliminate high acid foods.

Such products are carbonated drinks, refined sugar products, coffee, common tea, high sugar junk foods and alcohol. Other harmful substances are beer, wine, cheese and artificial sweeteners. During Candida overgrowth, citrus fruits and tomatoes can even produce a more complicated condition.

A diet low in real nutrients/natural nutritional content will always bring about harmful side effects - it is just a matter of time. Because these effects are not normally immediate, many people put off a health conscious lifestyle, often, until it is too late.

* Birth control pills, cortisone, tetracycline and prednisone are also known to encourage and intensify the overgrowth of Candida. Sadly, doctors do not realize the risk they are putting their customers in when prescribing such medications. Granted, in certain situations, antibiotics are necessary. If you absolutely need them, take them exactly how they are prescribed, but definitely follow them up by taking the highest quality probiotic available.

* Candida can also be spread by repeated close contact with someone who has it. If one person in a household has it, everyone else in the house can often get it. Why? Generally everyone is eating the same foods and there is a lot more physical and intimate contact. By this, it can be passed back and forth and back again. A person can also pass Candida to another person through certain sexual activities.

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Experts are finding out that numerous kinds of mold, fungus and yeast cause and breed various forms of illness and disease. Cardiovascular complaints, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, gastritis, tuberculosis and cancer are just a few. Mold is often the offspring of a fungus. Fungus can be an offspring of a yeast infection.

Candida overgrowth can produce an incredible and overwhelming number of symptoms. Among them are headaches, migraines and a pressure type feeling on the top of your head. Bad breath, thrush, canker sores, sore throat, sinusitis, nagging cough, clogged sinuses and throat along with other respiratory conditions can become extremely difficult to deal with. During "die off" you can have very persistent episodes of trying to clear your throat.

Earaches and ear infections are common. Acne and rashes are two more. A yeast infection of the mouth can produce a burning tongue effect and white spots. Normally a sheet of whitish velvety substance forms on the tongue and can also form in the mouth.

Flatulence or gas, gastritis, diarrhea, chronic constipation, digestive problems, colitis and ulcers in the digestive tract, leaky gut syndrome and rectal itching or hemorrhoids can certainly take their serious and painful toll.

Mood swings, night sweats, PMS type symptoms, female disorders including sterility, fibrosis, pregnancy problems, hormonal imbalances and vaginitis can cause all kinds of misery. Male disorders including prostatitis and impotence can become difficult to deal with. Sexual desires can often become nonexistent.

Depression (often severe), poor memory, imbalance, weakness, dizziness, unexplainable anxiety and insomnia can become hard to cope with.

Persistent heartburn, indigestion, hyperactivity, acid reflux and heart complications can occur.

Muscle and joint pain, numbness and tingling sensations in the face and/or extremities, arthritis, aching joints that can come and go can become extremely difficult to deal with. It is not uncommon for pains to move from one place to another day by day.

Cystitis and fungal infections of the skin and nails can take place.

Allergies, asthma and numerous other sensitivities can become devastating.

Kidney and bladder infections, fluctuation in blood sugar levels and meningitis can take their toll.


The toxins produced from Candida overgrowth cause a merciless strain on the liver. When this occurs, the liver can not adequately detoxify the body. This results in extreme fatigue and a loathsome feeling of discomfort and extreme ill health sensations.

All these various and seemingly unrelated symptoms and more can be caused by the fungus known as Candida albicans.


Sadly, typical doctors do not accept Candida as the insidious destroyer of health that it is.

Many people go to one specialist after another, spending thousands of dollars trying to figure out what is wrong with them. When traditional doctors can not label an illness or pinpoint a symptom to any one point of instigation, they often pawn a person off as mentally disturbed in some way. They try to convince you that it is "all in your head". Do not bite into their lack of proper knowledge and limited insight. Remember, they are still practicing - practicing physicians.

A person's health can continue spiraling down in terrible ways. One can gain weight while another may lose many pounds. It can become very difficult to perform daily tasks, and more so to efficiently work a job. You can become very weak and dizzy at times. Driving a car can become a very difficult chore. Paying attention can become nearly impossible. Eyesight can become very blurred and painful.


In extreme cases of Candida, major feats for a person for a single day may include showering, dressing and fixing a meal. Some people have an increase in appetite while others do not want to eat much at all. Reading or watching tv can become difficult. Food can become hard to digest. It may seem as though you just can not get filled. Why?

If you have a lot of Candida parasites in your intestinal tract, they can take up to half your meal just to feed themselves. That's right; they get first dibs on your food consumption. Hunger sensations can increase during the "die off" process.

You can be left feeling totally sick and toxic. Depression can take a stronghold of your entire life and not let you go until you get the insidious parasites out of you, or back to their normal levels.

When it comes to naturally occurring bacteria in your intestinal tract, an 85/15 balance is preferred: 85% friendly bacteria and 15% of the other.

With Candida overgrowth, there can be what seems like an endless array of problematic and often horrifying symptoms taking place. Symptoms can change from day to day and pains can move to different places throughout your body. This baffles traditional doctors but any sharp holistic practitioner will know when gut dysbiosis is plaguing the body.


Candidiasis affects people in totally different ways and to various degrees.

One woman will have thrush, cystitis and feel lethargic, while another will be struggling with severe fatigue, depression, and foggy brain along with food and chemical sensitivities. Some people have to stop working because of the severity of it all.

One man may become irritable and develop an itchy, painful anus similar to hemorrhoids and not be tired. Another man may develop arthritic like symptoms and have to confine himself to a wheel chair to get around and also have foggy brain.

Children tend to develop allergies, recurrent infections and/or tummy upsets (often stress related) and can become hyperactive or even autistic. Candida can spread and colonize based on your personal levels of stress and hormone imbalances.

Typical Signs and Symptoms

Learn how to pinpoint Candida overgrowth problems:
    Some of the following symptoms can be caused by Candida and also the "Leaky Gut Syndrome".

  1. Waking up tired even after 9+ hours of sleep.
  2. Continuously lethargic, lazy, and an 'out of it' feeling.
  3. You can have energy highs and lows; usually more lows than highs throughout every day.
  4. Abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, acid reflux and/or heart burn.
  5. IBS-type symptoms (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  6. A noticeable changing in stool formation.
  7. Edginess.
  8. Digestive disorders and uneasiness.
  9. Food cravings, particularly sugar, bread, alcohol and chocolate. Anything with high sugar content and high carbohydrate counts.
  10. Binge eating or a feeling of being full or constantly hungry.
  11. Allergies, sensitivities to fumes and food intolerances.
    Some Symptoms of Candida albicans or yeast infection:

  • Thrush or Yeast Infection (oral or vaginal).
  • Cystitis or vaginal infections.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Athlete's foot or fungal infections of the nails and/or skin.
  • Becoming severely affected by exposure to chemical fumes, perfumes, tobacco smoke, etc..
  • Symptoms usually worsen after taking yeasty or sugary foods or drinks.
  • Suffer from a variety of food allergies and sensitivities.
  • Suffer from abdominal bloating, diarrhea or constipation.
  • Suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome.
  • Suffer from depression, fatigue, lethargy or poor memory.
  • Food cravings.
  • Muscular aches, tingling, numbness or burning sensations.
  • Suffer from unaccountable aches and/or swelling in joints.
  • Erratic vision or spots before your eyes; even blurry or dull vision.
  • Suffer from impotence or lack of sexual desire.
  • Other Signs
  • Sufferers can develop a dull, gray, puffy color and texture of skin.
  • Dark rings can form under the eyes.
  • There can be an increase of cellulite around the hips, thighs and stomach. Many sufferers gain weight and can not lose it.
  • Chronic aches and stiffness.
  • An awful feeling of ill health throughout your body.
  • Pains can move from one place to another.
  • Painful lower back and/or abdominal areas.
  • Fuzzy-headedness, memory lapses and poor concentration levels.
  • Recurrent thrush or cystitis, PMS, Endometriosis, and/or prostatitis.
  • Sore throat, post nasal drip.
  • Continuously trying to clear your throat.
  • Fungal skin or nail infections, athletes' foot, acne and/or hives.
  • Headaches and/or migraines.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Recurrent mouth ulcers.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Water retention.
  • Hyperactivity (especially in children).
  • Nausea.
  • Aging skin problems.


Celiac disease is a damaged intestinal mucosa. Gluten intolerance is sensitivity toward gluten products.

Many people think they have one problem, when it can often be Candida. The following are symptoms that are, or at times thought to be Celiac complications or gluten intolerance, but may be Candida.

Very common Celiac conditions are as follows:
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Weakness.
  • Headaches.
  • Muscle and joint pains.
  • Irritability.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Constipation or diarrhea.
  • Gas.
  • Feeling bad all over, like having the flu with symptoms ranging from diarrhea, weakness, and muscular/bone aches and pains.

Common Celiac conditions are as follows:
  • Numbness, especially in the hands and/or feet.
  • Peripheral neuropathy (can be caused by folic acid deficiency).
  • Abnormal or impaired skin sensation (paresthesia) which can include burning, prickling, itching or tingling sensations.
  • Central and peripheral nervous system complications.
  • Asthma (which can be due to magnesium deficiency).
  • Chronic sinusitis.
  • Allergies, food intolerances and also other responses to allergens.
  • Uncomfortable feelings when you are not consuming sugars and simple carbohydrates. Food cravings are not uncommon because of malnutrition.
  • Feeling worse when exposed to mold, dust, chemicals, or pollutants. Around midnight to 2 AM can be a more difficult because mold is more active during that time.
  • General reproductive problems like infertility in male and female. Here again, malnutrition can be one cause.
  • Spontaneous abortions.
  • Premenstrual syndrome like symptoms.
  • Irregular menstrual cycles or unusual menstrual pain which can be from low estrogen levels and an erratic or non-existent menstrual cycle (amenorrhea). For young untreated celiac girls, the onset of menarche can be delayed.
  • Women with a long history of Candida and also malabsorption can reach menopause in their late twenty's.
  • Unusual menstrual pain.

Possible occurrences with Celiac conditions are as follows:
  • Sore throat.
  • Swollen glands in the neck.
  • Chronic athlete's foot or jock itch because of the susceptibility to fungus.
  • Yeast rashes which can appear like eczema or hives. It often clears when gluten is removed from the diet.

Rare Celiac conditions are as follows:
  • Dizziness because of nerve damage.
  • Tingling and numbness in the feet can occur.
  • Confusion, memory loss, dizziness, loss of balance and visual abnormalities can take place.
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis which is an extremely itchy rash. It can show up on the outside of elbows, knees, on the top of the buttocks, or on the back shoulders, neck and scalp.
  • Heart pains can take place with severe anemia.
  • Uncomfortable heart palpitations can also occur.
  • Heartburn or acid reflux can also take place.
  • Some Celiacs vomit after gluten consumption.
  • Epilepsy (with calcification in the brain) may improve when gluten is fully removed.


Candida overgrowth can produce "Leaky Gut" which in turn can overload the liver. When this happens, your skin can develop an orange like color. This can be a sign of a toxic liver. It is either not functioning properly or cannot handle all the toxins in your body.


Candida albicans can become a precursor to many diseases including Epstein Barr, AIDS, and cancer. The immune system becomes so worn down from the repeated assault of drugs (prescription and other), poor diet, and yeast that it goes "haywire" turning against the body. Some say Candida is reaching epidemic proportions.

Symptoms of Candida overgrowth can be extremely overwhelming and extremely taxing on your body.

Common symptoms of Candida in the GI tract are intermittent diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating after meals, colitis, heartburn, gastritis, hemorrhoids, headaches and migraines.

In the urogenital tract symptoms are chronic vaginitis, PMS, cramping, recurrent kidney and bladder infections, cystitis, endometriosis, urethitis.

Many people with allergies have Candida. Allergy reactions can include hay fever, sinusitis, earaches, hives, asthma, food and chemical sensitivities.

Other symptoms are chronic fatigue, arthritis, cold hands and/or feet, numbing or loss of feeling in extremities, hypersensitivity reactions with resultant fatigue, irritability, brain fog, recurrent musculoskeletal problems, increased body hair in women, baldness, nail fungus, food cravings, loss of sexual desire, psoriasis, and acne. It is because of these diverse symptoms that Candida has been called the "Great Imitator".

A to Z Symptoms of Candida

Abdominal pain
Adrenal Malfunctioning
Athletes Foot
Back Pain (Especially the lower area)
Bad Breath
Bladder Infections
Brain Fog
Cold Feeling
Cold or Night Sweats
Colon Cancer
Common Cold Symptoms
Dry Mouth
Dry Skin
Epstein Bar Virus
Eyes (Blurry and/or dull sight, especially during "die off"
Eyes (Burning feeling)
FATIGUE (Chronic)
Finger/Toenail Fungus
Flu like Symptoms
Food Cravings/Lack of hunger
Fungal infections of the skin or nails (often a whitish appearance)
Hemorrhoids (Persistent)
Hiatal Hernia
Hormone Imbalance
Intestinal Pain
Low Blood Sugar
Menstrual Problems
Mood Swings
Musculo-skeletal problems (recurrent)
Muscle Aches
Nails (Especially thick toe nails - fungal condition)
No/Low Sex Drive
Over or Under Weight
Over-all Bad Feeling
PMS Symptoms
Poor Memory
Premature Aging
Puffy Eyes
Respiratory Problems
Sensitivity (To Chemicals, Foods, Environment)
Skin (Aging)
Skin Rashes
Skin eruptions of various kinds
Suicidal tendencies
Throat (Congestion - frequently trying to clear your throat)
Thrush/Gum Receding
Thyroid (Hypo)
Vaginal Yeast (Infections)
Weakness (Especially on damp days or after bathing)

All these symptoms can intensify during "die off".

Other Symptoms Include:

  • Symptoms worsen on damp days or after bathing.
  • Dry mouth or throat
  • Nasal itch and/or congestion
  • Ear sensitivity or fluid in ears
  • Tightness in chest
  • Respiratory Complications
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Mood swings
  • Nervous irritability
  • Persistent drowsiness / tired all the time
  • Lack of co-ordination / Loss of balance
  • Mucus in stools
  • Stool texture change

Who Can Get Candida Overgrowth?

  1. Men, women and children can get Candidiasis.
  2. Babies can be born with it if the parents have it.
  3. It can happen at any age.
  4. It can occur in any racial origin.
  5. It does occur more frequently in women (especially young women who tend to have more severe effects).

Candida symptoms fall into the following four main areas:

1 - Gastrointestinal and Genito-urinary Symptoms

These include:
Sexual feelings (Loss of)
Vaginal burning and itching
Vaginal discharge
Yeast infection (recurrent)

2 - Allergic Symptoms

These symptoms usually occur with the passing of toxins into the bloodstream. These symptoms include:

Bronchitis (recurrent)
Sensitivities to tobacco smoke, perfume, chemicals, foods, drinks and supplements
Hay fever
Nasal congestion
Throat (sore and/or dry)
  • A person can easily feel "sick all over".
  • You can have Asthma like symptoms that make it nearly impossible to breathe like an asthma attack, especially during "die off".
  • There can be discomfort after eating anything.
  • You may have crawly, itchy and hot sensations throughout your skin.
  • A person can feel allergically out of control - like you are allergic to everything.

3 - Malfunctioning Glandular and Organ Symptoms

These include:

ACTH deficiency
Chronic lymph problems, cystic-type
Diabetes mellitus
Menstrual problems
Ovarian failure
Tingling and numbness
Muscle pain
Muscle weakness
Severe loss of strength and energy

4 - Emotional and Mental Symptoms

These occur because of central nervous system involvement.
These include:

Acute aggravation
Brain fog
Concentrate (Inability to)
Depression (Can become very severe)
Feelings of unreality
Lack of proper coordination
Poor memory
Highly sensitive in any emotional condition or response
Temper (Short)

To most people this list can seem unreal. To others it can be intimidating. If you have Candida, it can finally put some rhyme and reason to the unreasonable and many medical complications you are experiencing. You are not crazy after all.

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Disease causing substances such as mold, fungus and yeast can be more damaging than bacteria infections and viruses. Estimates say that nearly half the people that see their doctor have some type of fungal complication in their body. An impaired immune system is commonly the culprit when it comes to yeast, fungal and mold infestations.

Consensus says nearly 1/3 of the population of the industrialized nations suffer from medical complications associated with Candida. (It is unknown how accurate this is, but considering the present condition of the world and what it takes for Candida to move into overgrowth stage, it does not sound too far fetched.)

Symptoms can vary dramatically from one person to another. This is because every individual has different organs and systems in their body that are weaker and more vulnerable than that of another person. This can be caused genetically and/or because of lifestyle decisions and diet.

A woman may find herself dealing with hay fever, skin rashes and depression, while another woman may be suffering with asthma, dry mouth and hot flashes. Another woman may be dealing with food sensitivities, fatigue and puffy eyes.

Symptoms can become so severe, a person may not be able to work. Men often find themselves having a very sore and itchy butt, being irritable, not thinking clearly, and not being tired, but instead, have a worn out feeling.

Children tend to have more allergies, returning infections, upset stomach, hyper and even autistic tendencies. Hormone and stress levels can cause the symptoms to fluctuate day by day. Pain can change location on a daily basis.

If a child in the first year of life suffers from a Candida overgrowth problem, it is almost certain that child will have a very trying future. Medical complications can follow one right after another. The most common reason babies through adulthood develop Candida is because of prolonged use of antibiotics at an early age.

The immune system can become easily weakened from repeated attacks from drugs and the typical western diet and lifestyle. Combine those with the endless array of pollutants and toxins that your body is daily subjected to, and you can begin to feel like your entire body is out of control - even turning against you.

The assimilation of nutrients from foods you ingest and digestion itself can easily become compromised. People with AIDS, cancer and many senior citizens can face additional difficulties because they are not able to properly assimilate the nutrients from the foods and drinks they consume.

Fungus and every harmful parasite of every kind which includes molds must be removed from your body. At that point your immune system can more easily be rebuilt.

Most people that have Candida overgrowth do not even have a clue they have it. These individuals are suffering and do not know why. They go to a traditional doctor and are usually prescribed medication that will worsen their condition.

When a person is suffering from multiple medical complications they often reach a point of desperation. When a person realizes the problems are not "in their head", they begin to take their own health into their own hands.

Searching through alternative methods of healing is pursued. Finally much needed information is sought and found. Answers begin to surface. Healing begins to take place. Health and well being return. More care is taken in life. Life is again enjoyed and much appreciated. Finally relief and peace reign supreme.

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There are many factors that produce a Candida overgrowth condition.
    Some of them are as follows:

  • Lack of proper health knowledge.
  • Low functioning or depleted immune system.
  • Continuous anxiety and/or ongoing overload of stress.
  • Exposure to various toxins.
  • Being exposed to viruses, yeast, bacteria, molds & fungus.
  • Being in contact with parasitic animals.
  • Infected genes passed on by parents.
  • Altered genes from personal lifestyle and diet decisions.
  • Getting certain vaccination shots.
  • Taking antibiotics, steroids, and/or birth control pills.
  • Consuming non-nutritional foods and drinks - typical American diet.
  • Compromised lifestyle decisions.
  • Unstable hormone levels.
  • Unpleasant life surroundings, conditions or situations.
  • Fluids transferred through sexual activity can cause Candida to pass from one person to another.
  • Lack of physical activity AND exercise (sedentary lifestyle).
  • Not eating enough fresh and organic foods.
  • Immoral thoughts and actions.
  • Loss of consciousness.
The easiest way to develop Candida overgrowth is through the use and continued use of antibiotics, especially the general and broad spectrum antibiotics. Antibiotics kill off the good/friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract as well as every other bacterium. Since potentially harmful bacteria are more aggressive, they can re-colonize much faster than the good bacteria. When it comes to bacteria, it is all in the numbers. A normal and healthy condition is 85% friendly bacteria count to a 15% potential harmful bacteria count.

All these bacteria are normally in your intestinal tract. In a healthy environment, the friendly bacteria keep the rest in check. When the bacteria balance is disturbed, you can begin to experience medical complications. It is only the potentially harmful bacteria that want to expand their territory to other parts of your body. When this happens, there is no stopping it unless you take specific substances and active measures to get it back in control along with a very strict diet.


When you mix antibiotics with stress, you are dealing with a very destructive brew. No doubt it is hard to deal with this world with the way everything is going, but you cannot afford to compromise your health. You have to find ways to cope with it all. If you do not, it will take you for a ride you will never enjoy.

You have to educate yourself. You must know the truth of all that is going on, especially with your health and well being. The more natural and paced you are, the easier it will be to sustain an internal equilibrium.

Continued common stress and also traumatic situations that can occur in your life will produce medical complications in the areas of your digestion and especially your intestinal tract. When you develop too much of an acid condition, you make yourself more susceptible to harmful bacteria growth. This in turn will exhaust your important immunoglobulins. These are the main protectors of your immune system.

Too much stress will eventually result in serious medical complications which you cannot afford. Your personal constitution will determine how long it will take before you begin to suffer from serious medical maladies.


Corticosteroid medicines weaken your immune system.

Prescription and synthetic hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills alter the hormonal balance in women. This has greatly contributed to the majority of Candida sufferers being women. What is the sad thing about this? Candida is often the real culprit.
Women are told to take HRT and birth control pills instead of substances to destroy fungal overgrowth. If they would address the Candida they may not have to look to hormone replacements. If you want assistance to help your hormonal balance, use natural substances to experience real health and well being.

Of course, Endometriosis could be another reason for women to have specific complications that specifically concern them.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise known as (NSAIDs) can inflame the walls of the alimentary tract. The production of prostaglandins can also be interfered with by the use of these toxic drugs. Prostaglandins are the defensive barrier to safeguard the mucous lining of the gut area from enzymes and digestive acids. Many pain medications can interfere with normal bodily functions and can often produce harmful effects to your body.


Poor diet is taking countless souls down the destructive and painful road. Your body requires natural and preferably organic substances to feed, mend and heal every cell inside you.

Most foods and drinks have been devitaminized and demineralized. The enzymes have been cooked out, fried out, boiled out or char broiled out. The amino acids, lipids, nutritional oils, antioxidants, probiotic substances and other nutrient substances have also been removed or altered into a useless condition as far as your body is concerned. Most food preparation methods destroy the greater amount of the nutrients of our natural foods.

Synthetic and altered substances can never give your body what it needs to properly function. What most people in the industrialized nations eat is not much more than toxic filler.

Big business has taken our natural foods and replaced them with inorganic, manmade, genetically altered, synthesized replacements. Such replacements are not recognized by your internal workings. In turn, your body looks upon these substances as toxic and are treated as such.

Therefore these substances act like warring invaders and your body builds up a defense against them. In turn, most of it is simply pushed through your body. The result is you become nutritionally deficient.
It does not matter how much you eat, if the food is not naturally fit and nutritionally packed, it becomes no more than filler. It will make you feel hungry throughout most of the day or all the day. Why? You are lacking real nutrients and your body knows perfectly well what real food is and what is not.


Substances such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other depressants and stimulants can fatigue and weaken the liver, adrenal glands and pancreas. These substances discharge sugars your body stores up. The sugar then enters the blood stream. This makes a nutritious meal for the Candida parasites and produces more overgrowth.

Candida overgrowth can trick someone into thinking they have diabetes. Whenever there is an increased amount of sugar in the blood stream, there will be more food for Candida, which in turn will cause the Candida to spread and colonize.
You will not get the majority of the released sugar because the Candida will take it from your body. You will be sugar depleted and feel worn out and tired. Candida feeds on sugar and this will cause your blood sugar levels to be adversely affected.

Higher progesterone levels are common during pregnancy. This can produce an environment conducive for Candida to spread, especially if the levels are already off balance.

There are a number of eating disorders that can ruin the friendly/good bacteria in our body. Forcing yourself to vomit, bingeing, eating between meals, starving yourself can all take their toll on your health.
Laxatives can also destroy the good bacteria. When Candida overgrowth is present with these various factors a person can begin gaining excessive weight and food cravings can increase. Others can continuously lose weight to unhealthy levels and not know why.


It is always good to breast feed your baby for at least the first six months - preferably a full year. The formula milks you purchase can not produce or set in place the necessary flora in your baby's alimentary tract. The baby's immune system will not build properly. Necessary fatty acids will not be established. Infections of various kinds can easily take place when breast feeding is not given. These infections can riddle the baby's life, even into childhood and beyond.


Often in old age the alimentary tract lining can deteriorate. The good bacteria count can also diminish. Fecal matter can cake up on the intestinal walls. Some of these reasons are why E.coli and similar outbreaks can more easily affect the older folks. By keeping an excellent diet, you can more effectively protect yourself from the onset of numerous medical complications.


Governments, doctors and pharmaceutical companies keep pushing vaccinations and immunizations, but they can also be detrimental to many people. If your immune system is in a weak state and you get vaccinated or immunized, you can increase your chances of Candida overgrowth, produce chronic fatigue symptoms and other immune suppressed conditions can occur. Getting babies and young children vaccinated or immunized can have adverse effects because their immune system has not fully matured.

The Leaky Gut Syndrome and Toxic Liver Dilemma

Candida is always looking for a chance to grow and spread. It can change its form in different ways. It can change itself to resist certain substances you take to eliminate it. When your internal environment becomes too acid you are encouraging the Candida to multiply and spread. At this stage it can transform from yeast to a fungus, which is called the mycelial form.

What happens is, it grows tiny little hairs known as Hyphae. A type of example of this would be tree roots growing through the dirt. Toxic gases and waste products can also be produced at this stage.

At this point your health is decreasing and your symptoms are multiplying. An even more damaging procedure can now take place. These parasitic fungi can now begin to penetrate their little hairs (like roots) through the very strong lining that separates the gut from the hepatic portal vein. Now the toxic waste products of the fungi along with undigested food particles can travel along those little hair-like, root type structures (hyphae) and enter into the hepatic portal vein. From there, these substances are taken to the liver for filtration.

The liver is an amazing organ but it too has its limitations. It will not be long before the liver is in overload. If the Candida and Leaky Gut are not seriously tended to, you will pay with serious and complicated ill health.

When the liver reaches its "I give up" level, or its "I can not take it anymore" point, these waste substances will then enter into the blood stream and begin affecting and infecting the rest of your body.

  • If you are dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, bitterness and more;
  • If more than 10% of your food and drink intake is junk food, refined sugar products and other non-nutritional substances;
  • If more than 20% of your food and drink has been processed or fermented and has dyes, preservatives and unhealthy fat;
  • If you are smoking, drinking alcohol and non herbal teas and taking in caffeine;
  • If you are not getting the proper amount of enzymes;
  • If you are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, prescription corticosteroid drugs, HRT drugs or birth control pills,
  • If you are taking chemo-therapy or radiation therapy;
  • If you are not getting the proper amount of rest, bed rest and recreation time;
  • If you are not drinking a substantial amount of pure water every day;
If you are doing any or many of the above mentioned items, you are also weakening and breaking down your gut lining. When this happens, it can take much longer for foods to digest. When this happens, the foods in your gut and intestinal area will ferment. This will also work at weakening your gut and intestinal walls.


Have you ever seen mold on bread? The bread is basically eaten by the mold. There is no bread but mold. If it is left alone, the mold will keep consuming the bread. The dryer the mold the more powdery the substance will become.

It is similar when your gut lining is deteriorating. The gut lining no longer holds back undigested food particles. They can escape and work toward your liver. When this is accomplished, your liver will have no choice but to let these very small particles flow into your blood stream, which will flow to other parts of your body.

When larger food particles begin to flow, your body categorizes them as foreign invaders. Now your body's defense system will produce antibodies to attack what were once harmless food substances, but are now recognized as allergens. This will produce food sensitivities.


Bacteria, fungus and parasites are known as pathogens. When pathogens begin to pass through the gut lining and work their way to the liver and then to the blood stream, they set up infections (infection centers) anywhere and everywhere they can. They also leave a trail of toxic waste behind them.

When antibodies form to attack the pathogens, the pathogens can often take on a similar appearance or likeness to the various tissues they attach themselves to (thyroid tissue, heart tissue, lung tissue, muscle tissue, etc..).
When this happens, the antibodies will attack the pathogens along with the tissues of the organ, lining or whatever they attached themselves to. This can then lead to various kinds of allergic responses and a list of medical complications of all kinds.

This is often when people begin to be treated for problems like autoimmune deficiency, Lupus, Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Adrenal malfunctioning, Thyroid complications and more, when the real culprits are the pathogens.


Candida and other destructive parasites will attack the more vulnerable organs and systems in your body - the path of least resistance. Since Candida is no respecter of persons, man, woman or child, it will proceed to go anywhere it wants to. The more the immune system is compromised the more access points it will take.

When Candida overgrowth takes root in the first year of a person's life, in time, that child will usually develop one illness after another. If the parents are not familiar with Candida, it can grow out of control at an early age and the person will have a very complicated, health challenged life.

The spit test is so simple you cannot afford to overlook its use. If you are tempted to give your baby or young child antibiotics for any kind of infection, first do the spit test. It may be Candida overgrowth.


Antibiotics are no respecters of bacteria. They will destroy good/friendly and bad/harmful bacteria. Certain antibiotics will not be able to eliminate certain strains of bad bacteria and/or molds and/or funguses. It is no secret that yeast multiplies more rapidly than other bacteria. Bakers certainly are aware of this in making breads and other baked goods that require yeast.

Candida is a yeast and acts in a similar manner. After antibiotics have done their job, Candida can become the dominant bacteria in the gut and intestinal area of the body. It will then put all its efforts in multiplying, spreading and colonizing anywhere and everywhere it can.


Candida is an instigator to various other diseases; or at least can make things appear that you have other diseases or medical complications. Why? Candida weakens and breaks down your immune system. It can bring various organs and systems into a malfunctioning or inoperable condition.


Our bodies are continuously and constantly attacked from our toxic environment, pharmaceutical drugs, compromised diet and out of control fungus and parasitic infections. Our nervous system begins to short circuit because of all this mess. Our lymphatic system can get infected and malfunction. Blood proteins and water can be forced out of our blood stream and flood out our cells.
In turn, the various organs and systems that make up our body do not communicate properly and are not properly tended to. Certain internal structures begin to produce allergy type responses and various other kinds of malfunctioning. It is not difficult to understand why so many people are sick and diseased.


Look at the price of health care. Look at how many people are on prescription drugs. This speaks loud and clear that people are not taking proper care of their bodies.
    The reasons for this vary:

  • Some people would rather pacify their taste buds than eat nutritional and natural foods. This is due to the lack of knowledge in the proper preparations of eating more naturally and healthfully.
  • Others have not been properly taught about nutrition. They buy certain foods because of an effective sales pitch or commercial. They trust governments and industries to watch out for them, not realizing governments watch out more for industries than for the people.
  • Others do not like who they are for various reasons and do not really care about themselves. In turn, they treat their bodies with disrespect and disinterest. These are just a few reasons.


Candida spreads and colonizes at an over acid Ph level. This can be caused by a toxic metabolism and/or a poor diet and/or lack of proper exercise and/or a lack of sufficient amounts of pure water each day.

High acid foods must be purged from the diet. Some of these substances include: refined sugar products, junk foods, cheeses and artificial sweeteners like nutra sweet. Artificial sweeteners should be avoided whenever possible.


    Drugs that entice Candida overgrowth are as follows:

  • Antibiotics.
  • Cortisone.
  • Tetracycline.
  • Prednisone.
  • Birth control pills.
  • And more.


Candida is an iatrogenic disease. To a great extent, the medical profession has given the general population this most insidious overgrowth by the overuse of antibiotics and other health destroying substances.


Poor diet is a life destroyer. Candida thrives in a high acid Ph. Pathological organisms do well in a high acid medium. A proper Ph balance needs to be sustained for continuous health.

Another way Candida can enter the overgrowth stage is through recurring contact with a person who has it. If one person in a household has it, everyone in the house may have it. Since they all typically eat and drink the same and have close physical and intimate contact, it pretty much follows that Candida is going to be passed back and forth and back again.

When healthy/good bacteria are destroyed or weakened, Candida begins to invade and proliferate in your body tissues in your gut and intestinal tract areas. When they spread, they begin to multiply and conquer other parts of your body.

The yeast/fungal/parasitic colonies release chemical agents into the bloodstream where they can manipulate how your body works and moves and functions, how your mind thinks, how your senses respond and more. Symptoms can change but some of the common reactions include lethargy, chronic diarrhea, bladder infection, muscle and joint pain, vaginitis and other menstrual conditions, constipation and relentless depression.

Candida produces chemicals that attack the immune system. If the immune system is weak and vulnerable, Candida will spread to various other tissues, organs and systems in your body.


With all due respect to the established medical profession, common doctors base their profession on prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. Most of these drugs are toxic to various degrees. That is why they come with numerous detrimental side effects. These drugs merely address symptoms and do very little if anything at all to eliminate the actual cause of your medical complications.

This is what the medical industry teaches their doctors. If the doctors do not follow orders they take a serious chance of losing their license to practice. It is only because of the competition from alternative medicine is why the traditional medical industry is changing their strategy to more natural methods. There are too many people getting cured through alternative approaches and they are forced to change or continue losing business.

This is why the pharmaceutical and medical industries have been desperately trying to push more legislation through - they want total control over herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and every other form of supplemental nutrition that is commonly purchased by the public consumer without a prescription. The industry does not want any competition, period!

Since they are not getting their way (not yet anyway), they are forced to produce drugs that will do more than just mask symptoms. The problem with this approach is they are still producing substances that are very toxic to the human body. These toxic substances will only complicate your condition, if not in the short term, certainly in the long run when it is too late to do much about it.

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year because of adverse side effects from prescription drugs and also patients who are given the wrong drugs. This news is usually unheard of except in alternative sources of information. Often you here it from individuals that had personal experiences with certain conditions or doctors that use a more natural approach to health. The horror stories told do not make the front page or any page of your local paper.


But when someone terribly misuses a natural, over the counter nutrient of some kind, the media blasts it through every channel they can. The medical professionals use it to scare people away from self treatment.

In the world today you have no choice but to take a lot more control of your own health, wealth and well being. You owe it to yourself to look into alternative treatments. You cannot put your destiny into the hands of one person with a limited source of knowledge and from one school of thought. This is your life we are talking about and the quality of it.

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Mycotoxins, which are mold fungi byproducts, are substances you want to be very careful with. Such toxic substances are found in some of our foods and can be picked up from damp and musty areas.

Some of the more prevalent mycotoxins are:

Aflatoxin is one of the most potent. It can show up in some bulk grains, peanuts, Brazil nuts, fruit that is overripe, bread that is a few days old especially if it sits out on the counter, apple cider vinegar, and in beer. The liver can lose its ability to detoxify your body if it is subject to too much aflatoxin.


(It is important to note that as long as your immune system is strong and functioning, and you are not dealing with Candida and other parasitic infections, natural food substances are your best source of whole and balanced nutrition. This listing does not mean that every time you eat or drink these substances, that you will be getting toxins along with them; it just means that there are chances that you may get some of these toxins at times.
It does not matter what you consume anymore. You can pick up toxins in everything you breathe, eat and drink. Toxins are in carpets, furniture, in the home, at the office, in air ducts, in prescription drugs, in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. Toxins are everywhere in this life - that is just the way it is anymore. Keep your immune system strong and you will be doing well.)

Ergot can be found in honey, alcoholic drinks and in some whole grain products. It has also been associated with cancer.

Patulin can become a dangerous mycotoxin. It can show up in overripe fruits, especially overripe apples. This too has been associated with cancer.

Zearalenone is a corn mold mycotoxin. It can be found in corn products.

The above mentioned mycotoxins can decrease the efficiency of your immune system. Candida thrives on these substances. If you are in ill-health, stay away from these substances until you regain your health and rebuild your immune system. If you can get these foods in the organic form, it would be more conducive to proper health guidelines.

Molds, fungi and yeasts can have a cross reaction with each other. Avoid food stuffs that promote any of them when your immune system is low and Candida and other parasites are high.

Foods to Avoid
Candida feasts on sugars, carbohydrates, and refined food products, foods that contain yeast, wheat gluten and mold.

Symptoms increase in damp and moldy and musty places. If you consume food products with yeast, sugars, carbohydrates or starches, or foods that contain mycotoxins, Candida symptoms will increase.

Avoid yeast products, fermented foods, vinegar, wine, bakers and brewer's yeast. Tempeh and tamari can also cause complications during Candida overgrowth.

Avoid dairy products (Live cultured quality yogurt is an exception because it has good intestinal bacteria agents). Stay away from dried, smoked, cured and pickled foods; candied fruit, fruit juices and dried fruits; mushrooms, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, black tea and coffee; nuts and nut butters - almonds and almond butter being the exceptions.

A diet free of sugar, white flour, red meats and chemicals is also a good idea.

Stay away from chemically treated foods and also drugs as much as possible if you can do it safely. Especially avoid antibiotics if you can. Cortico steroids and other steroids should not be used. A strict diet is crucial when you are first trying to eliminate Candida. This diet could last a few months. If you follow these guidelines, it will starve the fungal parasites and they will die.

It is helpful to know why certain foods and substances should be avoided. Foods and drinks that contain mold, yeast, fungi or some fermented substance will elevate the proliferation of the Candida parasites. Depending on the severity of your condition, your body may not be able to tolerate such substances without causing certain reactions.

Refined carbohydrates and sugar products feed the fungal parasites. These substances lower the effectiveness of the immune system, disrupt the balance of the hormonal system and the digestive system. The gut lining can more easily become inflamed and food coming through the small intestine can pass too quickly for the good bacteria to benefit you. Chewing your food down to liquid with your teeth is the best option for eating.

Brown rice, whole meal pasta and unrefined flours can be more beneficial to you because of the fiber and nutrients they contain. Some recommend alternating your natural food intake while eliminating Candida. The sly little parasites tend to change form, being able to digest various proteins, causing the Candida to sink further into your body's tissues.

You would do well to stay away from milk and milk products because of the lactose which is a milk sugar.

Organic butter and extra virgin olive oil work all right with most people who are trying to eliminate Candida. Moderation works with these.

Artificial sweeteners break down into acetaldehyde. This increases sugar cravings and produces what is referred to as foggy brain. Artificial sweeteners have carcinogenic properties and should be completely avoided whether or not you have Candida. Over 4000 food and drink items now contain this toxic substance. Aspartame, Nutrisweet and such products are to be avoided if you value your health.

Candida can spread so far and wide throughout your body it can feel like your entire body system is out of control.


Candida overgrowth produces the waste product acetaldehyde. This produces ethanol. This minimizes your body's ability to assimilate iron. This decreases the amount of oxygen in your blood. This reduces the amount of oxygen that can enter into your bodily tissues. This reduces the chances for oxygen to get into your individual cells. When this happens, your cells are not able to function according to design. In turn, you suffer severe loss of health.

Disease and other harmful substances cannot survive in a well oxygenated environment. If your oxygen level is low, you are far more susceptible to disease and other harmful conditions happening inside your body, and can rapidly speed up your aging process. Whenever your blood oxygen level is out of synchronized balance, you are headed for trouble you don't even want to think about, much less deal with.

Ethanol can have serious side-effects in your body. It can sap your strength and ruin your stamina. It can produce serious fatigue and destroy your level of ambition and drive. It also brings about the release of free radicals. This encourages the aging process. Ethanol wipes out enzymes that are necessary for individual cell energy.

A vegetarian lifestyle can greatly benefit anyone. Care must be taken to assure you get proper and balanced nutrition. Eating fresh vegetables will promote the growth of good friendly bacteria.

Dairy, meat and especially refined sugar products create coliforms and streptococci. Many animal products come with antibiotics. This will cause Candida to spread. Antibiotics destroy both, the good and potentially harmful bacteria in your body, leaving you vulnerable to the proliferation of harmful bacteria like Candida.

Garlic is excellent to combat Candida. Onions, chives and leeks take a close second. Oleic acid in olives and extra virgin olive oil is a great benefit. Olive oil is one of the best cooking oils because of its mono-unsaturated qualities like butter, and because they are not harmed by reasonable heat. Organic coconut oil is also an excellent oil to use, especially to combat Candida.


Food Intolerances are a real problem when Candida is out of control. Junk foods, refined food products and animal products will cause inflammation in the lining of the gut which will slow down the healing process. These offending foods are often the foods we like to eat the most, especially when Candida is out of control.

Wheat and cow products are common foods in the United Kingdom area. Asia favors rice. Americans lean on corn products. Tomatoes, oranges, eggs, coffee, and most breakfast cereals can also have ill effects during Candida overgrowth. If your body does not tolerate a certain type of food, say wheat for instance, it is typical that you will have adverse reactions to the grains: oats, rye and barley.

Food intolerances follow no set pattern. Symptoms can be multiple, affecting any and all bodily functions and systems. Sometimes symptoms will be immediate, and other times they may occur after a few minutes of consuming certain foods.
At times, it will be hours or days before reactions will occur. This depends on what organ or system is involved that is causing the intolerances. Sometimes the tiniest morsel of food can trigger a reaction. Other times it may take a good sized portion of a certain food. Reactions can come and go like the wind. Stress can also have an underlying influence on the degree of the reaction.

When problem foods are consistently eaten, it can be difficult to link the symptoms with a particular food.

Food intolerances, unlike food allergies may disappear if the irritating foods are not eaten for a few months. A person may even be able to tolerate the foods after that much time in small quantities. In time, the intolerances can disappear altogether. It all depends on the overall condition of your entire body system.

Nearly half of the people that suffer from Candida crave the very foods that are causing the problems to the point of addiction. Breads, wine, beer and chocolate are common addiction foods. Because eating certain foods make some people feel really good for a little while, the connection is usually ignored hours later when you begin to feel lousy.


Some studies show a link between addictions and acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a by-product of alcohols that are made from sugar by yeasts. Some people with Candida can not break it down.
A zinc deficiency could be the culprit. It is present in minuscule quantities and can react by way of a neurotransmitter in the brain known as dopamine. This produces a morphine-like substance which in turn can bring on mental and emotional symptoms commonly found with Candida along with addictions.

Reports say that if you can completely stay away from such drinks and foods for only ten days, chances are very good that you will be able to stay away from them, and eventually not want them anymore. Though it may be hard to believe, try it and find out for yourself.
Willpower is powerful. It can be helpful to know that addictive cravings can be caused by a bacterial imbalance in your intestinal area rather than your inability to say no to certain foods. When the fungal parasites are starved to death, many cravings can go away.


There are numerous variations when it comes to choosing a diet to eliminate Candida. Staying away from sugar products, especially refined sugar is always on the top of the list. Staying away from yeast products, even yeast containing supplements is also recommended until the problem is cleared up.

Some people recommend getting a food allergy test done. Why? Food allergies often link together with Candida because of the leaky gut syndrome which is common for Candida to produce. Recovery time can improve if you eliminate foods that are causing your body more difficulty, especially if you are unable to properly assimilate certain foods.

Candida diets are highly restrictive. The closer you follow the appropriate one, the sooner the Candida will die off, which means the sooner you will be able to get off the diet and lead a more normal life. Bear in mind, depending how deep into your bodily tissues the Candida has gone, will be the determining factor on how long it will take for you to rid your body of the insidious fungal parasites. It can take several months. Hang in there.


Sugars no matter where they are found. Even honey, molasses, maple syrup and like sweeteners will have to be temporarily suspended to eliminate Candida.

Yeast, foods that contain yeast and more. These include, but are not limited to commercial breads, rolls, breadcrumbs, pastries, citric acid, yeast extracts, foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) and malted products. Homemade breads and rolls are better than store bought, but be sure to use a small amount of sugar and try to use flours like brown rice, millet and other whole grain flours.

Alcoholic drinks, sauces like soy sauce and vinegar, coffee and teas other than herbal, mushrooms, cheese, cheap yogurt products, processed and smoked meat.

Dried and candied fruits such as apricots, prunes and dates, fruit juices containing citric acid, peanuts and pistachio nuts which tend to contain a high mold count.

It is best to avoid fruit for at least the first couple months. When you start eating fruit again, be careful. Fruit has a lot of sugar. Though it is in its natural state, it is still concentrated sugar.


  • Avoid foods containing yeast or yeast derived foods.
  • Fermented foods and liquids like pickles, mayonnaise and salad dressings.
  • Sweets like: cakes, biscuits, pastries, canned foods, cookies, fructose, glucose, lactose and natural sugars and syrups.
  • All refined carbohydrates.
  • White flour, white pasta and other such white products.
  • Anything with starch or filler on the label.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Cow's milk and cheese because of the lactose and possible antibiotics.
  • Avoid ingredients labeled casein, lactalbumin and whey.
  • (If you drink coffee, it may be a smart decision to switch to a product that is healthier. Juicing your own vegetables is an excellent alternative as well as herbal teas - pau de arco tea is especially helpful to eliminate Candida overload.)
  • Avoid mushrooms, blue cheese, sour creams, and buttermilk.
  • Peanuts, pistachios, cashews.
  • Smoked foods or dyed foods.
  • Table salt and limit your sea salt intake.
  • Be careful not to eat certain spiced foods that may inflame the gut lining.
  • Animal/fish products that contain antibiotics or hormones which includes most poultry, pork, read meat and farmed salmon and other farmed fish.
  • Avoid stimulants and natural substitutes like guranna.


  • Alternatives include yeast-free breads, brown rice cakes and certain rye products.
  • Garlic, onions, ginger and cayenne can be beneficial.
  • Brown rice, fresh and limited organic whole grains, vegetables, barley greens, and limited potatoes: baked if you want them - sweet potatoes preferred.
  • Organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and linseeds.
  • Quality yogurt, rice milk, almond milk.
  • Fresh vegetable salads.
  • Almonds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.
  • Chickpeas, beans and pulses.
  • Limited free range eggs and chicken, game meats and organic meats.
Because the traditional medical community is only trained to treat symptoms and not really cure medical complications, it is best to use alternative methods of healing. Highly skilled naturopaths and holistic doctors will be more helpful.

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No apologies will be made for some of the following statements. It is important that we inform ourselves in every area of our lives. We can individually alter the direction of our personal life. We can prosper ourselves or bring ourselves to poverty. We can be well or we can be sick. We can be smart of we can be dumb.
Through self education we can be more prepared to deal with everything that comes along in this life. The things that we do not know often produce the biggest problems and setbacks in our lives. Ignorance makes us vulnerable to the powers that be. Educate yourself and fewer people will be able to take you on a bum trip.


Some doctors have the strange audacity to look upon Candida as a fad diagnosis. These same doctors look at Candida as a simple minor infection! If you ever had Candida, you would never, never consider it a fad of your choosing in any way, shape or form!

There are many naturopaths, herbalists, holistic doctors and even some allopathic doctors that are realizing Candida is a major threat to a person's health. Since there are simple ways to see if you have it, it would be ludicrous not to test to find out by yourself if Candida is inflicting you.

Typical doctors assume they can treat Candida with pharmaceutical drugs. The drugs they often recommend can further complicate the Candida overgrowth condition. If you are already inflicted with a weak immune system and/or other conditions of infection, your health will dramatically worsen when Candida is in overgrowth stage.


More people are tired of going to a doctor and having them play musical chairs with their arsenal of drugs. "If this one doesn't work, come back and we will try another, and another, and another." With all the horrible side effects, shocking prices and the inability for pharmaceutical drugs to actually cure the problems, a fast growing number of individuals are taking their health back into their own hands.

When you finally decide to seriously tackle certain medical complications on your own, you can often be inundated by all the knowledge, advice and guidance that will become available to you. It can become an overwhelming experience. People are often appalled when they find out claimed professionals are only taught a certain, very limited way to treat people. Most people are sick and tired of being sick and tired by the pharmaceutical drug pushing doctors.

This is not to say doctors do not have a place in the healing process, but neither is it saying they are the first and last word. Doctors are quickly becoming just another option in the healing process. People want to be healed and not drugged to death.

There are fantastic physicians when it comes to emergencies, broken bones and bone replacement. When it comes to disease and illness, they lean on drugs that never cure. But drugs are where the money is, and the traditional medical institutions bought into it and sold us out.


Health is not something anyone can afford to take for granted. It is always just a matter of time before a careless diet and lifestyle will catch up with you, often making your life beyond miserable.

The number of horror stories associated with medical complications is increasing to staggering accounts. Misdiagnosis is escalating. More people are being treated with various drugs without targeting the actual problems. Many people get their prescription and do not realize they were given a different drug than what was ordered.

So many people lack the proper knowledge and insight to produce proper health and healing. If this continues, suffering will continue to grow into alarming proportions.


When you go see a doctor, you tell them what ails you. They pinpoint symptoms and try to knit them together to find what may be causing these things to happen. Doctors are often inaccurate in their assumptions. You go through a variety of drugs before they find one that your body will accept. Though you suffer from adverse side effects, at least you can take them without too many complications.

Many complications will not show up for months or even years later. By that time, most people do not correlate the drug they used to take with the current medical problems they are dealing with.

Many current medical plans are very hesitant in allowing MRI scans, CAT scans, Echo cardiograms, EKGs, Spinal taps, various other tests and procedures, and other internal photography methods. It does not matter what you need. If it costs too much, you may have to pay for it yourself. If you can not afford it, you do not get it done. For this and other reasons many doctors weigh heavily upon their assumptions.

They will transfer you from one drug to another to another and so on. If they can not find a drug that will fit your need, they may write you off as if the problems are all in your head. It becomes an easy escape because of their lack of thorough teaching, knowledge and insight.

Other times a person will be passed from one kind of specialist to another. You may start with a family practitioner, and that doctor may have you see a neurologist, and that doctor may have you see an allergist, and that doctor may have you see an urologist and on and on it goes. Depending on the variety of symptoms you have will determine how many different specialists you may end up seeing.
When no answer can be found, it is off to the mental health division. Why? Many doctors will try to convince you that it is "all in your head". Why? They are not as smart as everyone makes them out to be. Pride often becomes a factor when answers cannot be found. Rather than admitting ignorance, they turn the problem back on you.

At every new doctor stop you are racking up hundreds and eventually thousands of dollars worth of bills. It is not uncommon for individuals to spend tens of thousands of dollars in doctor's visits, x-rays, and other internal photography, only to be left with no solution whatsoever.
The only things you can end up with is debt, frustration, confusion, despair and a sense that maybe you are crazy in the head. It is a pitiful scenario, but this is also becoming more common. For this and other reasons, more people are wisely turning to alternatives.

You may be prescribed antibiotics when they are not needed. Or painkillers when the real problem may not even be pain, but an imbalance or blockage that is causing the pain. The real problem may be in a totally different area in your body.
Antidepressants and tranquilizers are more that can often be unnecessarily prescribed. Many of these drugs have terrible side effects and complications. Lives have been ruined by misdiagnosis, erroneous treatments and unwarranted surgeries.

What is so damaging about all this is there are alternative methods and cures available for countless ailments that are plaguing so many in our day. Many traditional doctors still look at alternative methods as quackery. This is odd, because their agenda or protocol can often be exactly what they despise, do not understand or can not make money from.

Yes, it is sad to say, but often money is the determining factor on how you will be treated. There are many fields and industries today that will milk a system or opportunity for anything they can get regardless of how many lives will be adversely affected.


This is not to say the whole medical institution is corrupt and cannot be trusted, but in many instances it does boil down to money more than what is best for the patient. Care, research and alternative approaches are necessary in the times and conditions we are living in. We have to deal with the facts and direct our individual path that is best suited for our personal needs. It is important to produce the results that will benefit us as individuals.

The increasing predicaments many people find themselves in are a travesty for a society and especially a medical industry that claims to be so advanced and knowledgeable.

There are certain medical complications that cause such variable injuries to the entire body system that you cannot afford to have them overlooked by a doctor who tells you he or she is still practicing, which practicing physicians are.


Candida was always looked upon as something only women would get. How false this horrible assumption is. Though it was commonly understood that Candida was just a vaginal infection, men are finding out they can be just as vulnerable to Candida.

Candida starts in the small intestinal area and can work its way out from there. Regardless where it begins, and if it is in man, woman or child, Candida can disperse itself anywhere throughout the body and cause havoc and destruction to any organ or system within your body.

Candida can eventually inflict anywhere in the body. For this reason many physicians find it difficult to properly diagnose the problems associated with Candida.


With all due respect, trained medical doctors are not the first and last word. They are one of various options. You are worth getting second and third opinions from typical doctors and also health professionals that use alternative methods. It is your life. Do you want to live it the best you can? Do you want to put your future life in one person's hands that may not be as qualified as you may hope?

Doctors can persuade you to do things that are not always for your best interest. Use extreme care and do your own study and research. It can mean the difference between a life of activity, and a life of limitations. It may be the difference between having a life at all, and barely living outside a pill box. It is your life. No one will be as diligent to protect your well being as you are.

Candida itself is totally preventable and if you have this condition, there are ways you can eliminate Candida overgrowth and get back to living a normal, fulfilling life.

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When battling Candida it is important to take nutritional supplements that will work on rebuilding your immune system and eliminate the Candida overgrowth. Once the overgrowth is destroyed, more nutrients will be able to get into your body to work wonders within you. To do this, it is essential to replace junk food with nutritional food. Using effective products and eating healthy food to annihilate the Candida overgrowth is imperative.

The insidious Candida overgrowth interferes with your entire body's metabolism and sound functioning ability. It can seriously mess with your mind. Many of the nutrients that do get into your body are rendered ineffective because of all the malfunctioning that is going on because of Candida overgrowth. Because of this, your need for nutrients increases, which means you may hunger more often.

When Candida overgrowth is not the issue and a person always feels hungry, it is often because the foods they are consuming are void of real and/or balanced nutrients.


Because the pharmaceutical companies are pressing hard against people wanting to use substances other than overpriced, toxic prescription drugs, they are lobbying heavily for congress to remove natural substances from the free market place.
Politicians are making it difficult for anyone to make claims about alternative medical applications. For this reason, we must be careful how we word things pertaining to alternative natural substances. Thank you for your understanding.

Many people are finding peace of mind with a product called Three Lac. Certain probiotics are affective because they basically start eating harmful little critters that invaded your body in large numbers. If you have problems keeping a very strict diet, this will greatly help. The strictest diet is best, but with this crazy world we live in, it is often hard to follow a strict diet 24/7. A strict diet alone will not be enough to efficiently eliminate the overgrowth.

Depending on how much money you can afford will tell you how much of Three Lac you can take. If you can afford 3 packets a day, do it at least four to six weeks. Then cut back to 2 packets a day for the next three or four months. At that point you will have to decide if you want to continue at 2 packets a month or cut back to one a day for the next six to twelve months.
You can watch your progress with the spit test - it is a good indicator. If your tongue has the coating on it; that too can be a good indicator to let you know the overgrowth is clearing. If you have fungus in your toenails (thick toenails), that too is an excellent indicator.

An excellent sidekick for Three Lac is a product called Oxygen Elements. You will want to work your way up to 7 drops, three times a day. You may want to start with 3 drops, three times a day.

You will want to get a high grade quality Oil of Oregano. This is a very potent oil. Take this and all supplements according to the recommendations on the labels. You do not want to take this oil for more than three or four weeks at a time. You want to make sure the oil is a medicinal grade oil. Just any oil will not do.

You will want to make an herbal tea. Pau de Arco works best and it has a fair taste to it. 16 - 32 ounces a day would be good for the first couple months, but longer with persistent overgrowth.

(Access to the above mentioned products will be listed at the bottom of this chapter.)

A Candida Diet Cleanse

The Candida cleanse diet ought to include the following foods, in the approximate proportions.

60% high fiber low starch vegetables. Fresh steamed vegetables. Garlic and onions are excellent anti-fungals.

25% complex carbohydrates like beans, spelt, lentils, amaranth, quinoa, brown rice and millet. If you need to eat more to get filled, do so with discretion.

10% foods that are high in protein which include fowl and fish that have no antibiotic treatments. Nuts, seeds and eggs are also in this category. You may want to stay with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds until Candida "die off" is over.
You can spray your nuts and seeds with a solution of 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract to 2 cups of water. This will help kill aflatoxins, mold and fungus that may be present. If you are using Oxygen Elements, you can use 10 drops per 2 cups of water.

5% of fruits. No fruit is recommended during "die off" (four to six weeks). Apples, berries, pineapple, grapefruit and papaya are preferred sources after "die off" is complete. After the initial "die off", try no more than one serving a day. The next month, go to two servings. The third month you can go up to three servings if you would like, and so forth.

Other acceptable foods are sea foods and sea vegetation, organic eggs, limited vegetable pastas (no sugar ingredients), limited unsweetened cranberry juice and herbal teas.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Butter and Pure Organic Coconut Oils are recommended fats. Olive oil and butter are both good because of their mono-unsaturated constituents. All three of these oils work well in cooking because they are not seriously affected by reasonable heat. You can take fresh, Pure Organic Coconut Oil by the tablespoon to combat Candida overgrowth.

A strict diet is one of the best things you can do to eliminate the overgrowth of Candida. This kind of diet will also minimize headaches, fatigue and nausea associated with "die-off".
Probiotics are good bacteria your body uses to metabolize foods, absorb nutrients, and prevent the spreading of potential harmful bacteria. A good acidophilus will help balance the intestinal tract. Quality probiotics produce a well balanced PH environment in the intestinal tract which helps keep potentially harmful bacteria in check.

Good bacteria greatly benefit a person if food poisoning is present or if viruses are prevalent. When good bacteria rules, you normally do not even realize when your body is being attacked by destructive microbes.

Estimates say there are about 2 ½ lbs. of intestinal microbes in an average sized adult person. There can be at least 100 different species of bacteria and can make up well over 100 trillion cells. In a well functioning person, friendly bacteria can divide approximately once every 20 minutes.
That means in about 48 hours, 1 bacterium can produce over 42 million bacteria. Many people's lifestyle, diet, emotional condition and the environment greatly hinder this production. Your body always welcomes good bacteria.

When you have a healthy supply of friendly bacteria, your body will do well against invading organisms. Studies are beginning to find lactobacilli may even lower blood cholesterol levels through metabolism and absorption.

Chronic constipation sufferers could benefit by taking a high quality probiotic. Continuous use of typical laxatives will only break down your body's natural ability to produce active bowel movements. If you are taking probiotics to alleviate constipation, you may get headaches, gas and/or bloating during the "die off" process.
What is happening is toxic waste is being eliminated. If it is too rough or hard on you, cut back on the probiotic and build up the amount you are taking more gradually. Listen to your body.

When good bacteria are down in number, you can deplete yourself of necessary estrogen in your bloodstream. Friendly bacteria do well at keeping a high level of lactic acid. This can greatly benefit you because it helps utilize and absorb your calcium intake. This will help maintain healthy bone density.

If you are taking antibiotics, they will counteract the benefits of your probiotic intake. If you are forced to take antibiotics, be sure to take your probiotics at least 2 hours away from the time you take your antibiotics.

Acidophilus is a probiotic. It comes in capsules, liquid or loose powder. It can contain billions of friendly/good bacteria. People commonly take anywhere from 1 - 8 capsules a day, depending on the desired effect.
Acidophilus normally contains at least the following two ingredients: Lactobacillus and Bifobacterium. Many brands need refrigeration, but not all. Abide by the instructions on the label. You do not want to subject your probiotics to freezing.

Probiotics contend with destructive bacteria and other harmful substances in the intestinal tract. When Candida spreads, you want to be sure you use probiotics that can work throughout your entire body.

Probiotics are typically active in the production of certain B-vitamins like B-6 (pyridoxine), niacin, biotin and folic acid. Probiotics help balance the PH (alkaline/acid) balance.
Harmful bacteria cannot survive in a well balanced PH environment. Illness and disease can not function in a well oxygenated environment. Probiotics enhance digestion. Good bacteria manufacture antifungal enzymes to fight against harmful yeast parasites like Candida.

If you are going to use probiotics, you will normally want them with your meal. Dose amounts can increase or decrease based on your specific needs. The container of such products is usually a good and safe indicator on how much to take, when to take it, or you can ask a health professional.

It is always smart to make sure your good bacteria are well colonized.

Good bacteria multiply on chlorophyll and fiber rich foods. Many people find Jerusalem Artichokes to be helpful. It is known to contain a natural source of fructo-saccharides or otherwise known as FOS. FOS is a type of sugar and should be consumed with meals. Some say that FOS should be avoided during Candida overgrowth. I tend to agree, but you can certainly try it for yourself. If you feel worse after you have some, stop using it until Candida overgrowth is controlled.


If you are trying to overcome Candida overgrowth, it is difficult to say how long you will want to stay on a particular regimen to fully beat the condition. Most people do not know how long Candida has been developing and spreading in their body.
Most people do not know how deep Candida has gotten inside various tissues of their body. Based on these factors, it is difficult to predetermine how long you will want to take certain products and stay on a very careful diet. For some people, it may take up to a year to fully get the Candida controlled.

Do not let the time factor stress you out. Stress will cause the overgrowth to spread faster and get into more areas. Stress hinders every kind of healing. Stress devours nutrients. Do not let stress or other emotional complications ruin your health. Educate yourself and live as well as you possibly can.

No matter what you use to beat Candida, remember to start with smaller doses. If you go too fast, you may have reactions from a process called "die off". This is where the Candida parasites begin to die, and it can often produce reactions such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, allergies and more. Why does this happen? When the toxic Candida dies off rapidly, it will cause adverse effects, even though you are getting better in spite of it.

Any time your body is eliminating a larger amount of toxic buildup or waste, you can have adverse reactions. Sometimes you have to feel worse before you feel better.

There are many discomforting experiences when "die off" occurs. You may become very tired or feel very worn out. You could experience depression and foggy brain. Such reactions can go on for weeks or months depending on your lifestyle, diet and supplementation.


Some people find relief through spinal adjustments and acupuncture. These are becoming more common alternatives to various aspects of health. Vitamin B injections tend to benefit the suffering of Candida and other medical complications. (There is a sublingual (oral) substitute for certain B vitamins that do wonders for many people.) Massage and specific exercise routines can help with mobility issues and pain that accompany Candida. Some have found help through homeopathic substances. Reflexology can give relief.

Caprol is a blend of two extractions: one from olive oil and the other from coconut oil. They both contain antifungal properties. The caprylic acid extract from olive oil disperses and places a coating on the intestinal wall. When Caprol is used in combination with a Psyllium gel, the caprylic acid will place a coat of itself on the entire length of the intestinal tract. The psyllium gel acts as though it has been rubbed into the intestinal wall by the bulking action of the gel.

Psyllium powder is made from Psyllium seeds and husks. This unique substance gives a slippery adhesive bulking action. When it comes to cleansing the colon, bulk is an important factor.

Bentonite has absorbing action. It actually takes toxins and other such substances into itself and then discharges them through the waste. A Bentonite and Psyllium combination seems to work well together. When a probiotic is added, this substance can increase the equilibrium in the intestinal tract through its nutritional factors. Use Bentonite only as directed.

Diflucan, Nyzoral, Monistat and Nystatin and other prescription drugs for Candida all showed little effectiveness against Candida overgrowth.

The Candida Diet

Diet is a determining factor when it comes to health. Gaining victory over Candida can be a real challenge in itself. It is not wise to focus on foods that will cause more injury and sustain unfavorable conditions in your body. It is essential to explore new foods that you may find out are really tasty and enjoyable to eat. Yes, the Candida diet is highly restrictive. As with everything, it is best to make the most of it.

Health does come with a price. Those willing to pay the price end up being extremely thankful they did. Do not be afraid to ask for help when ridding your body of toxic buildup which includes Candida overgrowth. Getting moral support while you are going through the cleansing process from people who have been there can be a great benefit.


There are certain foods you want to avoid. Why? Candida thrives on foods and drinks that contain yeast, fermented substances, molds and/or fungus. It is not uncommon for a person's system to develop intolerance to such things. On the other hand, some people find certain products that are organic and naturally fermented to be helpful in this condition.

A healthy sourdough bread can be tolerated by some people. Apple cider vinegar has been reported by some to help their condition. Others with more severe cases of Candida cannot tolerate either. There will be some trial and error, but that is because every body is different. Often, good things do not come easy.

Refined carbohydrates and refined sugars are substances you would do best to stay away from until the Candida overgrowth is controlled. These substances also lower the effectiveness of your immune system, cause imbalance in the hormonal system and can also cause complications in the digestive tract and blood sugar levels.
The gut lining can get inflamed and food going through the small intestines can go through so fast that the friendly bacteria will not be able to benefit you. You would do well to keep refined carbohydrates and refined sugars out of your diet altogether.

Sugar lactose is in milk. Because of this, some recommend you avoid milk as much as possible. Dairy products form mucous. Mucous clogs your body. If you want proper circulation and bodily functioning you would do well to eliminate as much dairy from your diet as possible. There are great alternatives available.

Artificial sweeteners are substances you want to avoid regardless if you are healthy or sick. These substances break down into acetaldehyde which can accelerate your cravings for sugar and also cause a symptom known as foggy brain. Always read your food labels. There are over 4000 products that contain these damaging artificial sweeteners. There are too many horror stories associated with these artificial sweeteners like Nutri Sweet, Equal and such.

Animal products can produce harmful coliform and streptococci. Because animals are fed antibiotics, these too will reach your system by eating and drinking animal products.

Artificial colors, preservatives, flavorings and such are not conducive to proper health in any condition. For the most part, the body has no enzymatic activity or capacity to break down many of these substances. Where do they go? They usually stay in your blood.


A vegetarian diet has a lot of great benefits. Fresh fruits and vegetables encourage the proliferation of healthy bacteria like lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. Also realize fruit is high in natural sugar and can cause your Candida to flourish. Until the overgrowth is under control, you might consider keeping your fruit intake very, very low.

Candida does not like garlic, onions, chives or leeks. If those around you can tolerate the fragrance they produce, by all means, splurge.

Brown rice, whole grain pastas, unrefined flours and other whole carbohydrates tend to benefit many people. The high fiber content in such products can be helpful. There are some health practitioners that recommend no carbohydrates.
New findings indicate Candida can change its form and digest proteins. In turn, this can cause the infection to dig deeper into the tissues of the body where it has taken up surface residence. For this reason, the percentages of food types mentioned earlier in this chapter would be a helpful chart.

Organic is the Best!

Obviously organic foods are the best. Sadly, they are normally more expensive. Do the best you can based on your budget. If at all possible, grow and raise your own food. Organic foods commonly contain two to four times the nutrients as do other forms of food and processed foods. The taste is normally a lot more flavorful.
If you stop drinking soda pop, alcohol, coffee and related kinds of drinks as well as fast foods and junk foods, the savings may well compensate the added expense of buying organic. Once you taste the difference, you may be hooked. If your local grocer does not carry organic, tell them to start ordering some, both fresh and dry products.


By strengthening the immune system, your body will better fight off all forms of infection, disease and other bodily complications. When your body is well equipped with proper nutrition, whether it be healthy foods, drink and supplements, the body does very well at healing itself. Deep diaphragmic breathing can greatly benefit everyone. Most people are shallow breathers. This will encourage illness and disease.

Candida that is out-of-control can be cured if properly combated. Many people, including some doctors may tell you otherwise. Candida can be avoided altogether by maintaining careful and reasonable health practices.

If you are forced to use antibiotics for any reason, be sure to get the best source of probiotics available. This should continue at least six full weeks beyond the time you are taking antibiotics. If you are taking antibiotics for extended periods of time, tell your doctor you want to take a potent probiotic along with it. Make sure you take them at least 2 hours apart from the other.


1.Molybdenum in the Picolinate form can benefit a person. This ingredient is necessary for the production of at least three necessary enzymes:
2. Xanthine oxidase, which is catalyst to xanthane, which in turn produces uric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

3. Aldehyde oxidase which breaks down aldehydes. Riboflavin and iron are essential elements to combine with aldehyde oxidase. Formaldehyde and other aldehyde agents are becoming commonplace. They show up in furniture, carpets, glues, clothing, foods, pressboard, perfumes and more. When such substances are inhaled, our body needs to excrete them ASAP.

Aldehydes can also be produced internally by parasites, bacteria, yeast, fungi and more. If aldehydes stay in the body too long, numerous complications can arise. Chemical sensitivities, toxicity, brain fog, various organs can become damaged; fatigue can set in, just to name a few. When alcohol is ingested or produced internally, it too can form acetaldehyde.

When you ingest dairy products and sugars at the same time, this mixture will ferment and produce an alcohol in your system. Ice cream is a prime example.
4. Sulfite oxidase oxidizes sulfites to sulfate which is then removed through the urine. It can also benefit asthmatic conditions.

Barberry, especially the constituent known as Berberis aristata is an excellent substance to combat harmful bacteria and fungi. There is an excellent response against various microorganisms such as Entamoeba histolytica, Klebsiella, Staph pyogenes, most forms of Candida, Giardia lamblia, and more. Oregon Grape Root is akin to it.

Specific Ingredients that help combat Candida and bring normalcy back into your intestinal tract or as follows:

Oregano Oil (Origanum vulgare) 200 mg
Black Walnut (Juglans nigra L.) 300 mg
Wormwood Herb
Pau D'Arco (Tabebula impetiginosa) 300 mg - also known as Taheebo Tea.
Garlic (bulb)
Olive Leaf
Cat's Claw Root
Caprylic Acid (from Magnesium Caprylate) 500 mg
Biotin 2 mg (2,000 mcg)
Magnesium (from Magnesium Caprylate) 500 mg


The fungal fighting properties of oil of oregano are remarkable. Some studies reveal that oil of oregano may be just as effective as pharmaceutical antibiotics at killing bacteria.

Oregano oil is showing itself strong against the common bacteria staphylococcus. A study was done in comparing oregano oil against other common pharmaceutical antibiotics such as penicillin, streptomycin and vancomycin, only to find out it could inhibit staphylococcus growth just as effectively.

Oil of oregano in another study showed that it inhibited every strain of bacteria they tested it against. The USDA found that herbs have higher levels of antioxidants than fruits, vegetables and spices like garlic. Oregano has 3 to 20 times higher antioxidant activity levels than numerous other herbs.
    Oregano has:

  • 4 times the antioxidant potency than blueberries.
  • 12 times more antioxidant potency than oranges.
  • 30 times more than potatoes.
  • 42 times more antioxidant potency than apples.
The goal in treating the removal of Candida overgrowth is to get the yeast/fungus out of all the tissues of the body, and in a controlled level in the small intestinal tract. At the same time it is essential to reenergize the immune system.

The anti-fungal properties of Pau d'Arco or Taheebo tea are highly effective against Candida. It can penetrate into the tissues of the body and work at a cellular level.

Other substances that help to:

  1. Eliminate unwanted parasites from the body
  2. Rebuild the immune system
  3. Stimulate the elimination system of the body are as follows:
  1. Pumpkin Seeds
  2. Culvers Root>
  3. Cascara Sagrada Bark
  4. Violet Leaves
  5. Chamomile Flowers
  6. Mullein Leaves
  7. Marshmallow Root
  8. Slippery Elm Bark


  1. Do you drink coffee? Just one cup a day of either caffeinated or decaf can kill a considerable number of good bacteria in the colon. It can take a body that is moderately healthy up to five hours to replace this destroyed flora in the intestinal area. With more cups of coffee there will be more destroyed flora.
  2. Candida overgrowth can cause serious imbalances in the body's metabolism. By this, many nutrients consumed can often be made noneffective - as if you did not ingest them.
  3. Keep your carbohydrate count to about 70 - 90 grams a day during "die off" and the next couple of months. candida feeds on sugar, dairy and wheat products, so avoid them as much as possible. mold, fungi and yeast interact, so avoid alcohol, cheeses, vinegar, mushrooms and most common store bought breads.
  4. If at all possible avoid the use of steroids and antibiotics. Antibiotics promote the growth of the yeast germ in the body.
  5. Beware of the use of birth control pills. If you have headaches or discharge with your periods, definitely stay away from them. The progesterone in these pills can cause changes in the vaginal mucus membrane. This makes the environment extremely welcoming for Candida to rapidly spread.
  6. Some people start having good results in a few days by properly combating Candida. For some people it can take a few weeks. If the parasites have gotten into various organs and areas of the body at a deep tissue level, it can take a year or more to bring it back in check. The timing depends heavily on personal diet, stress and emotional levels and lifestyle decisions.
  7. It is easy to misdiagnose Candida. Because of this, many people can have it for months or years before they pinpoint what is actually going on in their body. Candida is very persistent in spreading. You must be just as persistent in combating it.
The following ingredients can assist in calming down allergic responses which can be instigated by Candida overgrowth:
  • Probiotics
  • Quercetin
  • Bromelain (Make sure the bromelain is half the dosage of the quercetin).
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Acidophilus with Digestive Enzymes
  • Vitamin C in higher dosages
  • Garlic
  • A high quality Yogurt has helped some people.


Many people have had Candida overgrowth since a child or from birth. These individuals may have never known they had it. Many of these individuals never completely got rid of it. It can take up to two years to completely eliminate the overgrowth, depending on how aggressive you are in getting it back in check.

No matter how long it takes, you certainly want to endure until the overgrowth is completely eradicated.
  • You can not keep trying to live when your thought processes are short circuiting.
  • You can not let Candida continue to inflict your emotional stamina.
  • You can not allow Candida to bring you into a state of depression and bodily dysfunction.
  • You can not allow Candida to persist in causing you sensitivities to foods and toxic chemicals in our environment.
  • You can not allow Candida to adversely affect your behavioral patterns.
  • You can not allow Candida to weaken and age you prematurely.
  • You must return to a normal state of mind and health and experience the freedom once again or for the first time.
Candida feeds on sugars, carbohydrates and many other common foods and food ingredients. It also takes nutrients from your food instead of these nutrients getting dispersed throughout your entire body. When the Candida overgrowth is finally under control, you may find yourself eating less, because the Candida will no longer be there digesting as much as half of all the nutrients you ingest.

Dr. William Crook in his book, The Yeast Connection, has been very helpful in bringing the awareness of Candida to the public.

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Other alternatives are being investigated. As more information deems itself reliable, you will be informed via this website or you can sign up for the monthly health newsletter through email from this site.

You do not have to be sick, so don't be.

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To effectively stop Candida overgrowth it is essential to abide by specific dietetic guidelines. Depending on how far the Candida has spread throughout your body and the severity of it, will determine how difficult the elimination of it will be.
When you are experiencing the "herxhiemer reaction", otherwise known as "die off", it can seem that this process is even worse than the symptoms caused by the overgrowth of Candida itself.

What actually takes place during "die off"? Your body is going through a cleansing process - a removal of pathogenic microbes otherwise known as toxins. This can be very hard on your entire body system, but also absolutely necessary.
A toxic body is like having the town dump inside of you; a backed up sewer could be another example. If you do not go through this process, it means you are allowing Candida to spread even further throughout your body. When this happens it will get deeper into your tissues where it will be that much more difficult to eventually get rid of.

Many people prefer using smaller doses of anti-fungal products when they are getting rid of the Candida because the side effects of "die off" tend to be less severe. Others choose to deal with the inconvenience and endure a speedier removal of the Candida overgrowth.
By this, the side effects can be more severe. Either way, it is not at all a pleasant experience. Depending how hard and strong you choose to attack the Candida will determine how long it will take to finally be free from the insidious overgrowth.


When various pathogens like the overgrowth of harmful yeast, destructive bacteria, fungi and molds begin to "die off"; toxins are losing their grip every place in your body where they established a stronghold. By this, discomfort, foggy brain and tiredness to varying degrees can often result. It may take up to several weeks to eliminate the majority of the invaders - it depends on the level of infestation.

For some people it can often be faster and more expedient if you take your Candida destroying products on an empty stomach. This would be an hour before you eat, or two hours after you eat.
If what you are taking is too hard on your stomach, like Oil of Oregano will always be; by all means, eat something to make the process easier to deal with. DO NOT TAKE OIL OF ORGEGANO ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! Oil of Oregano tends to have an acid reflux feeling to it. If so, take it at the very beginning of your meal. When in doubt, follow the instructions on the label.


Candida overgrowth can be very demanding and become extremely taxing on your liver. You may have to lower your dosage to alleviate the added pressure on your liver during the initial "die off".

When large amounts of Candida are dying off, usually on your initial treatment, incredible amounts of toxic substances are quickly released. When this happens you may experience various uncomfortable effects and sensations. Discomforting side effects can and will take place.
You could experience anything from flu like symptoms, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoid feelings, headaches, stuffy feelings and congestion anywhere within the lung, bronchial and sinus areas. Aches and pains can show up in different places at different times, and they can change places every day.

Vaginal irritation and discharge, other irritations, skin rashes and bumps can surface. These can be different ways your body is working at shoving toxins out. You can also have skin sensitivity and allergic type responses. Some people can also experience strange numb-like feelings in their extremities. Foggy brain, mental confusion and distorted thoughts are commonplace at this time. Reaction time can become slow.


Your thought processes will feel like they are being blocked and you will not be able to figure things out as quickly and efficiently as you normally would. Your particular reactions from the "die off" can cover the full spectrum from anything that is listed in the symptoms list of having Candida overgrowth. Through the "die off" process the symptoms can just feel much more severe.

Regaining health can become a real battle. It is like an internal war going on inside you. If you stay with it, do not give up, and do not give in, you can prosper with good health and wellness. Once fought and conquered, you will certainly be more careful on how you live your life and what you consume.


If the side effects from the "die off" are too severe, do not be afraid to cut back the doses of whatever you choose to take. If you do cut back, you will have to compensate by abiding to a stricter diet. When a good share of the "die off" process is over, you can then more comfortably increase your dosage to help get the Candida back to its normal level.


Just because you may be feeling better in a few days or a few weeks, does not mean the Candida overgrowth is in check. It just means the initial "die off" may be over. At this time, you must continue with a strict diet and lifestyle, and continue aggressively attacking the rest of the Candida overgrowth. You may want to plan on living your life for at least one full year as if you had full blown Candida overgrowth.
  • If your toenails return to normal
  • If your tongue looks fine
  • If your spit is cleared
  • If your thought processes are normal
  • If your hemorrhoid sensations are gone
  • If it seems as if all your symptoms are cleared up, keep aggressively treating the Candida for at least six to twelve more months after the symptoms are gone.
To alleviate the side effects from the "die off", you may want to take Ground Flax Seed, Psyllium and/or Bentonite. Be sure to follow the dosage for Bentonite to the letter. Too much can cause adverse effects within your digestive processes. Your objective is to gain health. Natural substances can cause harm if you do not follow proper and reasonable guidelines. Be careful. Take the proper dosage. This will help flush out the toxins more effectively.


Start with the recommended dose. If you feel no difference, increase the dosage. If you experience conditions that are too severe, use a smaller dose. Listen to your body. Take as much as you can as long as you can reasonably bear it. Feel free to increase or decrease dosage according to your own personal discretion. If you have concerns, ask your health professional to help.

Just know the "die off" of harmful microbes/toxins can be a very unpleasant experience, but also necessary if you want your life back. "Die off" can take a couple days, and if the Candida problem has been going on unchecked for a long time, it can take up to four to six weeks before you see any relief. In severe cases it may take longer. Your choice of diet and emotional condition will be a very important determining factor to know how long it will take.


So much of our food has toxic substances in it. Food manufacturers add toxins to foods - usually to increase shelf life and manipulate flavor and texture. If you are not careful with your diet, you can severely damage your chances of getting well and staying well. Even if you are very careful with your diet, if you had Candida for a long time, and if you never fully dealt with it, this too can extend the length of time for "die off" to finish its course.

If you are not consistent in your attack, Candida can reproduce as quickly as it can die off. It is a very difficult situation if you are going back and forth. Just do what you have to, stay with it and get it over with.

No one wants to be sick. Most people do not realize you have to experience sick feelings in the process of getting better. It is a traumatic experience on the body when it is ridding itself of harmful substances. When you endure the cleansing process, hopefully you will appreciate your amazing body more and treat it with better care and respect. If you do not, you are going to suffer more. That is just the way it is, if you like it or not.


If you have a hard time dealing with the "die off" it may be necessary to back off on what you are taking to eliminate the Candida. Yes, it will take longer to rid yourself of it, but if you have to work and handle other responsibilities, you may have to do it that way. You have to do what you must to keep going on a daily basis. That is why it is so important you take products that work effectively and extremely well.

Once the initial "die off" is over, you may be able to up your intake of whatever you choose to take to combat the Candida and eliminate the overgrowth. Just realize you may want to continue with a maintenance amount of product to make sure the Candida does not have a chance to regain its footing and spread again.

Once it is under control, do the spit test every two or three weeks just to keep an eye on it for the following year. After that, do it occasionally to make sure it is not coming back.

When you are combating the Candida parasites you must be well disciplined, highly responsible and very systematic in what you are doing. It is not anything to play with or treat lightly. The miseries Candida overgrowth can inflict upon an individual can be horrendous and become unbearable. Treat it as if your life depends on it, because it does.

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  • Abide by proper guidelines for Candida overgrowth removal.
  • Aggressively combat Candida.
  • When proper care and guidelines are administered for the removal of Candida, your relief can take place at a more active pace.
  • Stress, other emotional conditions and diet will all affect your body's ability to eliminate Candida overgrowth.
  • Keep your stress and emotional levels in a good as possible, uplifted condition.
  • Stress and negative emotions ruin health if you have Candida or not.
  • Candida can take a horrible and devastating toll on every area of your life.
  • Candida is no respecter of you or any part of your anatomy.
  • Candida overgrowth is a most insidious condition that no one should have to go through.
  • Countless people are dealing with Candida overgrowth and do not even know it.
  • Regrettably, eliminating Candida overgrowth from your body can temporarily complicate your condition during the process known as "die off". endurance is essential.
  • Removing unwanted toxins can be more unpleasant and obnoxious than the Candida overgrowth itself. Let this never deter you from ridding it from your body once and for all.
  • During the process of "die off" it may seem as if the candida problem is coming back. it may even seem like it is returning with a vengeance.
  • "Die off" is not a pleasant experience but totally necessary.
  • Removing toxins from your body is hard work on your entire internal system.
  1. Digestive complications can become worse.
  2. One can gain or lose weight.
  3. Your strength can noticeably decrease.
  4. Your mind and thoughts can become foggy and blurred.
  5. You can forget what you are doing when you are doing something. In other words, you can see what you are doing but your thought processes become very scrambled and/or distorted.
  • You may appear to be aging - having a worn out, worn down look.
  • Eye sight can become adversely affected.
  • If your tongue had a whitish or off colored coating on it before, it may have more of a coating during the "die off" process. your tongue may even continuously peel off in layers or patches of layers as candida dies off.
  • If you had ear pain or ear infections before, they may feel more severe during "die off".

Once you understand the elimination process, you will be more ready to deal with the necessary steps and occurrences that may take place in its removal.


The ones around you may notice you are not feeling well and they may recommend you get medical attention. In some cases it might be a good idea, but just be sure to see a professional that understands alternative treatments. If you go to a typical doctor, they may prescribe something that will only worsen your Candida overgrowth condition.

Typical doctors basically try to pump synthetic drugs down your throat without addressing the actual root cause to your specific problem. That is what they are taught to do. This is what their association pressures them into doing.


Health requires real and balanced nutrients - not toxic drugs. Typical doctors tend to treat certain Candida symptoms with anti-depressants and even tranquilizers. What your body may be really yearning and crying for is a good and thorough cleanse.

Many doctors will prescribe antibiotics which will destroy your good and potentially harmful bacteria. When this happens, the harmful bacteria multiply quicker than the good bacteria and you will be defeating your purpose in getting well.


You need to find individuals who will support you through this detoxifying process. Deep down you know pharmaceutical drugs are a poor excuse for medicine and nothing more than a Band Aid fix.

The more you learn about natural health, the more real health and the methods for obtaining it will make sense to you. The more encouraged you are, the more enthusiastic you will be in flushing the garbage out of your body once and for all.

No one knows or appreciates your personal value like you do. If you are serious about being totally healthy, you will search and find all you need to know.
  • Once Candida overgrowth is controlled, it will take a lot of stress off of your immune system, liver, your glands and nervous system.
  • Reproductive malfunctioning can have their roots in a Candida Yeast infection and can eventually disappear.
  • Food assimilation can increase by as much as 50%.


My personal experience in regaining health can be one of the most miserable experiences you could go through. There are times where you will feel horrible and want to turn back to get pharmaceutical drugs that will only mask your real problems, and never eliminate your true ailments. You can not afford to give up because of inconveniences. If you applied that mindset and attitude, you would never get anywhere in this life.

Get support. Find people that have gone through what you are going through who can give you courage and moral support. Be sure not to give in to what may only add up to a band aid fix.

You deserve to live your life as full as you possibly can. Go for it and keep going until you get there. Grit your teeth and keep going. Your gut instinct will encourage you to pursue a more natural direction. Many alternatives just make good common sense. Don't cut yourself short.


You would do well to personally research natural methods to regain health in every aspect of your life. It is essential to find suitable and workable ways to deal with your particular situations. Search and you will find preventative ways to avoid your health from ever being compromised again.

There are alternative methods that will greatly benefit you. Simply learn what they are and practice them yourself. Be consistent. You may not need a licensed physician for every little or big thing that ails you. Do not ever underestimate your personal degree of intelligence and your ability to understand more than you presently know.

Being a perfect expert is not necessary to accomplish things. There is not a person on earth that will ever be a perfect expert at anything, so do not try to accomplish an impossibility. Be glad with who you are, and what you know, and keep growing and learning every day.

You can educate yourself with tremendous success. If your health is compromised, no one will be nearly as concerned about the entire matter as you. It is your life, and no one will value your life more than you. You owe it to yourself to know what you must do for the purpose of living your life to the fullest possible extent.

Many people, including loved ones may try with all their might to convince you to go back to toxic pharmaceutical drugs. If you have ever taken them, or read the side-effects sheets the pharmacists make available to you, alternative methods will become your only sane alternative. Others may try to convince you to go to a doctor for every little thing that ails you.

Many people have good intentions, but good intentions are not always wise, correct or accurate. Sometimes you may have to temporarily use pharmaceutical drugs, or you may have to wean yourself off of them as you learn alternative methods. Use your own discretion and common sense and do what you know you must.
When in doubt, ask for help and guidance from your healthcare professional. Just know doctors are not the first and last word. Doctors can only offer you their personal opinion based on what they were taught in a very narrow view of knowledge. If doctors were as good as many people make them out to be, we would not have so many sick and diseased people as we have.


My path to health and freedom from pharmaceutical drugs, illness and disease has not been an easy one. When I look back I can see no other way I could have chosen. In spite of all the strange looks and raised brows I've had to endure by using natural and alternative methods, I know there was no other way for me. Sadly, many people that looked at me strangely and with raised brows are now going through horrific medical complications.

The most difficult aspect to deal with when you regain your health and take your health back into your own hands, is watching others suffer in their medical ailments. When people look to a doctor as their first and last word, it is painful to watch them suffer when mistreated, misdiagnosed and mis-drugged. It is heart wrenching to watch their talents, abilities, strength, endurance, well being and self worth gradually get sapped right out of their body.

It really hurts when you self-educate yourself and know how to regain health. Why? You have to watch those around you suffer when they do not have to. Just because others refuse to accept practices and methods that really work is no reason for you to go along with that crowd.
  1. You must decide if you want health or illness for yourself.
  2. Do you want to apply methods that work or only mask over symptoms?
  3. Do you want to really live or just exist?
Many people today sacrifice their health for the sake of pacifying perverted taste buds, habits and false ease.

Most people think health foods do not taste good. Here again, if you simply learn how to make healthy food, it can taste better than what you are ingesting now.

With current diets, prescription drugs and lifestyle decisions, many people's taste buds are burnt out. Stronger tasting foods are needed for a person to experience the tastes of the food they eat.

Once taste buds have a chance to heal, you will begin to taste the delicate flavors of foods you thought at one time were too bland, tasteless and boring. If you choose to take care of your body, it will take care of you.

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